Veja Ravine

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Veja Ravine
Veja Ravine.jpg
Area: Klaipeda Region
Type: Field
Level: 46

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List of Quests[edit]

Checking the Portal (Level 36)

Purify the Holy Pond (Level 36)

Search for the Missing Villager (Level 36)

Holy Pond's Merregina (Level 46)

Nugria Sanctum's Moyabruka (Level 46)

Remove the pollutant in Veidma Uphill (Level 46)

Searching for Goddess Saule (Level 46)

Girl in Danger (Level 55)

The missing accident(2) (Level 100)

The missing accident(3) (Level 100)

Quest Guide[edit]

-Nothing to get here outside of mainline quest;


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