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I'll be temporarily keeping some pages I work on here, I'll also be working on stuff then adding it to the main page

Field Map Page[edit]

List of Field Maps[edit]

NameRecommended LevelType
Akmens RidgeField
Altar WayField
Apsimesti CrossroadsField
Aqueduct Bridge AreaField
Baron AllernoField
Cobalt ForestField
Crystal Mine 1FDungeon
Crystal Mine 2FDungeon
Crystal Mine 3FDungeon
Crystal Mine Lot 2 - 1FDungeon
Crystal Mine Lot 2 - 2FDungeon
Demon Prison District 1Dungeon
Demon Prison District 2Dungeon
Demon Prison District 3Dungeon
Demon Prison District 4Dungeon
Demon Prison District 5Dungeon
Dina Bee FarmField
Dvasia PeakField
East Siauliai WoodsField
Entrance of Kateen ForestField
Escanciu VillageField
Fedimian SuburbsField
Forest of PrayerField
Gate RouteField
Gateway of the Great KingField
Gele PlateauField
Glade HillroadField
Goddess' Ancient GardenField
Grand CorridorDungeon
Greene ManorField
Gytis Settlement AreaField
Inner Enceinte DistrictField
Istora RuinsDungeon
King's PlateauField
Kvailas ForestField
Laukyme SwampField
Mage Tower 1FDungeon
Mage Tower 2FDungeon
Mage Tower 3FDungeon
Mage Tower 4FDungeon
Mage Tower 5FDungeon
Main ChamberDungeon
Miners' VillageField
Mokusul ChamberDungeon
Myrkiti FarmField
Namu Temple RuinsDungeon
Nefritas CliffField
Nuoridin FallsDungeon
Overlong Bridge ValleyField
Owl Burial GroundField
Passage of The RecluseDungeon
Penitence Route of Great CathedralDungeon
Pilgrim PathField
Poslinkis ForestField
Ramstis RidgeField
Residence of the Fallen Legwyn FamilyDungeon
Roxona MarketField
Royal Mausoleum 1FDungeon
Royal Mausoleum 2FDungeon
Royal Mausoleum 3FDungeon
Royal Mausoleum 4FDungeon
Royal Mausoleum 5FDungeon
Royal Mausoleum Constructors' ChapelDungeon
Royal Mausoleum Constructors' Chapel 2FDungeon
Royal Mausoleum StorageDungeon
Rukas PlateauField
Ruklys StreetField
Saknis PlainsField
Septyni GlenField
Shaton FarmField
Shaton ReservoirField
Sirdelga ForestField
Spring Light WoodsField
Srautas CanyonField
Starving Demon's WayField
Stele RoadField
Sunset Flag ForestField
Tenants FarmField
Tenet Chapel 1FDungeon
Tenet Chapel 2FDungeon
Tenet Chapel B1Dungeon
Tenet GardenField
The 2nd Demons' PrisonDungeon
Tiltas ValleyField
Tyla MonasteryDungeon
Underground Grave of RitinisDungeon
Uskis Arable LandField
Valius' Eternal Resting PlaceDungeon
Veja RavineField
Verkti SquareField
Videntis ShrineDungeon
Vieta GorgeField
Vilna ForestField
Viltis ForestField
West Siauliai WoodsField
Zachariel CrossroadsField