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Statues of Goddesses[edit]

Statue of goddess Vakarine outside of Mining Village

Main means of transportation (excluding running around on your feet or companion of course) in Tree of Savior are statues of goddess Vakarine. Their position on the map are indicated by the icon noframe. They can be found in common field zones. Cities such as Orsha and Klaipeda use statue of goddess Austrine as their teleportation point.

Discovering the statue in a zone will unlock the the statue as a teleportation point. Worshipping next to the goddess statue of Vakarine allows the players to travel between each unlocked statue at the cost of silver. The amount of silver needed to teleport will depend on the distance between your starting point to the teleporting point.

Warp Scrolls[edit]

A player can teleport to an unlocked Goddess Statue using a consumable Warp Scroll item. S scrolls saves the position where you used to so you can return to the exact same position next time you use a Goddess Statue.

Additionally, there is a possibility to purchase Klaipeda Warp Scroll or Orsha Warp Scroll from an Item Vendor in those two cities cities. Using the scroll will teleport you to the city stated by the item's title.


Squire's skill Base Camp also provides teleportation functionality.
Dievdirbys's skill Statue of Goddess Vakarine carves out a statue of Vakarine allowing a limited amount of teleports.