Tenet Chapel B1

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Tenet Chapel B1
Tenet Chapel B1.jpg
Area: Klaipeda Region
Type: Dungeon
Level: 40

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List of Quests[edit]

Beyond the Darkness (Level 40)

Bully (Level 40)

Church Underground Passage (Level 40)

Light Attack (1) (Level 40)

Light Attack (2) (Level 40)

Mark Territory (Level 40)

Nibble Nibble (Level 40)

Till the Last Drop (Level 40)

Quest Guide[edit]

-Follower Tomas is inside, and has one mainline quest. Get his two blue quests as well;

-Inside a room southeast from Tomas you'll find Tiberius. Complete all of his quest, and all of the other NPCs with quests on the map will become visible on your map. Do all of them and continue to 1F;


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