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This template is used to display attributes along with their icons, circles and links to the TosBase database.


  • {{{Name}}} name of the attribute
  • {{{Circle}}} circle of the attribute (non mandatory if horizontal is set to yes)
  • {{{Id}}} Tosbase database id
  • {{{Icon}}} name of the icon file.
  • {{{Horizontal}}} the attribute will be displayed horizontally if this value is set to yes. By default, the attribute will be displayed vertically. This option allow the attribute to be easily embedded in text for example (non mandatory)


Input Output
{{Attribute | Name=Cloth Mastery: Magic | Icon=Att_Common_ClothMastery.png |Circle=1 | Id=10012}}
Att Common ClothMastery.png
Cloth Mastery: Magic
{{Attribute | Name=One-handed Bow Mastery: Ignore Defense | Icon=Att_Archer_One-HandedBow_IgnoreDef.png}}

Not advised : please specify Id and Circle if possible

Att Archer One-HandedBow IgnoreDef.png
One-handed Bow Mastery: Ignore Defense
{{Attribute | Name=Twin Arrows: Enhance | Circle=3 | Id=30106 | Icon=Att_Archer_TwinArrows_Enhance.png}}
Att Archer TwinArrows Enhance.png
Twin Arrows: Enhance
{{Attribute | Name=Swift Step: Critical Rate | Horizontal=yes | Icon=Att_Archer_SwiftStep_CriticalRate.png | Id=301018}} Att Archer SwiftStep CriticalRate.png Swift Step: Critical Rate
{{Attribute | Name=Multi Shot: Enhance | Icon=Att_Archer_MultiShot_Enhance1.png | Horizontal=yes}}

Not advised : please specify Id if possible

Att Archer MultiShot Enhance1.png Multi Shot: Enhance