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Example status effect: Stun


Status effects are abnormal states which temporarily hinder their victim. Some of these effects can be cured using Cleric's Cure, Pardoner's Indulgentia or Oracle's Prophecy.

List of Status Effects[edit]

Armor Break[edit]

Reduces the target's defense.

Skills inflicting armor break:


A target afflicted with bleeding will lose HP over time.

Skills inflicting bleeding:

Skills affecting bleeding targets:

Burn (Flame)[edit]

Burning targets receive damage over time.

Skills inflicting burn:

Skills affecting burning targets:

Confusion (Chaos)[edit]

Doesn't work in Team Battle League. At least Vashita Siddhi attribute.

Skills inflicting confusion:

Darkness (Blind)[edit]

Targets afflicted with darkness...

Skills inflicting darkness:

Death Sentence[edit]

A target afflicted with death sentence is killed after the countdown is over.

Skills inflicting death sentence:

Decay (Corruption)[edit]

Targets afflicted with decay will see their max HP being reduced.

Skills inflicting decay:


Targets afflicted with fear will run away randomly.

Skills inflicting fear:


Frozen victims are unable to act.

Skills inflicting freeze:

Skills affecting frozen targets:

Passive attributes affecting frozen targets:

Instant Kill[edit]

Instantly kills the target regardless of their HP.

Skills inflicting instant kill:

Passive attributes inflicting instant kill:


Targets are pushed back from their original location.

Skills inflicting knockback:

Skills affecting knockback or knocked back targets:

Knockdown (Imbalance)[edit]

Targets that are knocked down are temporarily unable to act.

Skills inflicting knockdown:

Skills affecting knockdown:


Targets afflicted with lethargy will have reduced physical attack, magic attack and evasion.

Skills inflicting lethargy:

Loss of control[edit]

While not officially a status effect, here are regrouped the skills which prevent a target to act or move, that are not part of the other status effects.

Skills inflicting loss of control:

Petrifaction (Stone)[edit]

Petrified targets are unable to act. Petrified targets will take 90% less Holy and Dark damage (approximated on my Bokor-Kabbalist)

Skills inflicting petrifaction:

Skills affecting petrifaction or petrified targets:


A poisoned target will slowly lose HP over time.

Skills inflicting poison:

Skills affecting poison or poisoned targets:

Provoke (Taunt)[edit]

The provoker will draw the attention of the provoked targets.

Skills inflicting provoke:

Passive attributes affecting provoke:

Root (Bind)[edit]

Rooted targets are unable to move, but they can still act.

Skills inflicting root:


A shocked target will see their INT and SPR temporarily decreased.

Skills inflicting shock:


A silenced victim will be unable to use skills.

Skills inflicting silence:


A sleeping target will be unable to act but will wake up after receiving a certain amount of hits or after the duration is over, whichever comes first.

Skills inflicting sleep:

Skills affecting sleeping targets:


Reduces the movement speed of afflicted targets.

Skills inflicting slow:

Passive attributes inflicting slow:


Stopped targets are unable to act for the duration but are immune to damage.

Skills inflicting stop:

  • Stop (Chronomancer)


A stunned target will be unable to act for the duration.

Skills inflicting stun:

Passive attributes inflicting stun:

Skills affecting stun or stunned targets:

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