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Socketing is the act of adding Gems, Magic Amulets and Monster Gems to one's equipment to grant it additional attributes. Weapons, as well as gloves, pants, shirt, boots and shield can possess a Maximum Sockets attribute, followed by a number. This number tells you how many sockets you can drill into the equipment.

How to Socket[edit]

  • Check if the equipment you want to socket has a Maximum Sockets attribute. The maximum number of holes that can be drilled depends on that attribute.
  • Meet the Ironsmith NPC in Klaipeda or Orsha and ask him to drill a hole into your equipment.
  • Note that drilling a hole will reduce your equipment's potential by 1. A potential of 0 will prevent you from drilling any more holes.
  • Finally, in your inventory, add the gem, magic amulet or monster gem you want to socket by right clicking on it then by selecting the desired equipment.

Socketable Removal[edit]

  • Gems: It is possible to remove a socketed gem from an equipment. However, doing so will decrease the gem's level by 1.

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