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Skills are active abilities/spells that are used by all players. They usually consume SP or very rarely, STA. They often are governed by a cooldown, preventing you from using the skill repeatedly and may also be subject to the overheat system, explained below. A class circle will usually unlock 5 levels of a given skill, for a maximum of 15 levels (3 circles) but sometimes less. To improve a skill, one has to invest Skill Points in it. 1 Skill Point will improve the skill by 1 level. You may save skills points from your previous circle to spend into your 2nd circle.

Overheat System[edit]

The overheat system (Charge/Ammo System as some people would know it) grants certain skills a variable amount of charges, usually 2 or 3. When you use an overheat skill, it will start a hidden cooldown timer to recharge your charges one by one. If you were to deplete all your charges, it will active the skill's cooldown and restore all your charges in one go.

One Additional Charge[edit]

Two Additional Charges[edit]


Three Additional Charges[edit]


Four Additional Charges[edit]


Cast Time[edit]

Skills with cast time must be charged before the skill will activate. Some skills require to be fully charged before casting and others only requires a partial charge to activate. Should you be hit at any point during your cast time, it will cancel your skill and start the cooldown timer. You can prevent interruptions with Surepell or reduce your cast time with Quick Cast.

Charge Levels[edit]

They are similar to cast time skills as they can be interrupted but longer you cast the skill, the more potent the skill will be. The skill's maximum charge level is determined by the total points spent into the skill. These are also affected by Surespell and Quick Cast E.G If you have 8 points in Energy Bolt, you can only achieve a charge level of maximum charge level of 8. If you release your skill half-way the charge level will be level 4 only instead of the maximum of 8 levels.



These skills must be held down or continue casting to increase the duration of the activated skill.

STA Skills[edit]

Here is a list of the very rare STA consuming skills:

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