Sirdelga Forest

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Sirdelga Forest
Area: Fedimian Territory
Type: Field
Level: 61

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List of Quests[edit]

Caught in the Middle (Level 61)

Don't Panic (Level 61)

Some Help (Level 61)

Something Blasphemous (Level 61)

The Art of Interference (Level 61)

Unexpected Research (Level 61)

Quest Guide[edit]

This one can be quite a chore to finish, so follow the guide closely.

-Believer Alvydas is right next to the entrance. Talk to him. His quest is a request to help all the other followers on this map;

-Believer Zaneta is between Gintara Highway and Dregna Courtyard;

-Believer Evaldas is just south of Dregna Courtyard;

-Believer Raminta is near the souther exit of Thorn Pillar Garden;

-Believer Simas is just before Antsava Vacant Site;

-In Antsava Vacant Site, there's a portal to Passage of the Recluse. It's an empty map that connects two areas. The Vakarine statue in here is useful, to go inside and get this warp now;

-Believer Onute is right in the middle of Thornbush Bridge;

-After doing all those quests, you're done with this map. Proceed to the next area;


This map currently does not have a collection box.