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The game provides a party system for players to share in an adventure. Every party has exactly one leader. Party members may share some benefits such as buff sharing etc.

Creating a party[edit]

Party Information panel - Members tab

There are multiple ways to create a party:

  • Using Party Information UI panel (F6 or hads icon noframe in the game menu)
  • Inviting a player to a party while not being in one
  • Using a dungeon party finder

Whoever initiates a party creation becomes a party leader. The party leader can change party information (name and description) on the top of the Members tab in Party Information panel (Note that you need to click Save to update the information).

Party Settings[edit]

Party Information panel - Settings tab

The party leader can change party settings in the settings tab.

Individual Item Distribution[edit]

(???) Everyone will gain its his loot.

Round Robin Item Distribution[edit]

(???) Every member will gain some loot in rotations.

Random Item Distribution[edit]

This setting will distribute items randomly.

Individual EXP Distribution[edit]

(???) Everyone will gain its his EXP.

Equal EXP Distribution[edit]

(???) Every member will gain equal number of experience points from killing a monster.

By Level EXP Distribution[edit]

(???) The experience points gained will be based on character's level.

Quest Sharing[edit]

Sets whether the party members will share their quest amongst each other.

Show Nearby Parties[edit]

(???) Shows nearby parties.

Use Search Party[edit]

If a player nearby matches the criteria you specify bellow, you will be given heads up, that such a player is in your area. You will be able to invite the player in your party by clicking the notification.

Public Party[edit]

If checked, your party will be listed in the Public Parties list. That way any player on your server will be able to look up your party and join you.

Party leveling[edit]

The experience you can gain in a party depends on its composition and how it was made. If you have certain number of unique base jobs (Cleric, Archer, Wizard and Swordsman) or you use the dungeon party finder you receive further experience bonuses. The different combinations of these bonuses are as follows:

Normal 3 Jobs 4 Jobs
Members Premade Finder Premade Finder Premade Finder
1 100% - - - - -
2 90% 150% - - - -
3 73.3% 113.3% 76.7% 116.7% - -
4 70% 100% 72.5% 102.5% 82.5% 112.5%
5 70% 120% 72% 122% 80% 130%

Note: Having less than 5 members in the Finder column means you used the dungeon and subsequently lost players. Finder bonus experience is only applicable in dungeons.

Party Events[edit]

Public Parties[edit]

Party Public.png

Recommended Players[edit]

Party Recommended Players.png