Nefritas Cliff

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Nefritas Cliff
Area: Klaipeda Region
Type: Field
Level: 32

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List of Quests[edit]

Proving skills (Level 27)

Bull Hunting (Level 32)

Demon Summoning Circle (Level 32)

Destroyed Barrier (Level 32)

Foreseen Crisis (1) (Level 32)

Foreseen Crisis (2) (Level 32)

Foreseen Crisis (3) (Level 32)

Kenneth's Protector (Level 32)

Out of Time... (Level 32)

To the Goddess at Once (Level 32)

The Hidden Sanctum's Revelation (2) (Level 48)

Road of the Goddess [Paladin Advancement] (Level 85)

The one who experienced death (Level 98)

For the Church [Paladin Advancement] (Level 135)

Proving Faith [Paladin Advancement] (Level 185)

Quest Guide[edit]

-Talk to all the NPCs you meet on the way to the Paladin. All quests deliver to Keyetonas, close to the Paladin NPC. Make sure to pick up his own quest too after delivering the others;


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