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Monster gems can be slotted like regular gems with Shift-Right. To slot a monster gem into an piece of equipment, you must open a socket from the blacksmith in town to be able to insert a monster gem. Each monster gem add +1 skill level to the corresponding skill


Only one copy of a monster gem may be used at a time. For example wearing two Crystal Spider Gem will only yield +1 for Swift Step instead of +2. Removing a monster gem will destroy the gem as the gem is considered lv1

Monster Gem List[edit]

Class Skill Socket Type Gem Type
Archer Icon SwiftStep.jpg Swift Step Weapon/Gloves Gem CrystalSpider.png Crystal Spider Gem
Icon MultiShot.jpg Multi Shot Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeMiner.png Vubbe Miner Gem
Icon FullDraw.jpg Full Draw Weapon/Gloves Gem Bat.png Bat Gem
Icon ObliqueShot.jpg Oblique Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Kepa Red.png Red Kepa Gem
Icon KneelingShot.jpg Kneeling Shot Weapon/Gloves Gem Pokubu.png Blue Pokubu Gem
Icon HeavyShot.jpg Heavy Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Tiny Archer.png Tiny Archer Gem
Icon TwinArrows.jpg Twin Arrows Weapon/Gloves Gem Siaulav.png Siaulav Gem
Hunter Icon Coursing.jpg Coursing Weapon/Boots Gem Merog Stinger.png Merog Stinger Gem
Icon Snatching.jpg Snatching Weapon/Gloves Gem Wendigo Archer.png Wendigo Archer Gem
Icon Pointing.jpg Pointing Weapon/Boots Gem Lichenclops.png Lichenclops Gem
Icon RushDog.jpg Rush Dog Weapon/Gloves Gem Tucen.png Tucen Gem
Icon Retrieve.jpg Retrieve Weapon/Boots Gem Operor.png White Operor Gem
Icon Hounding.jpg Orange Dandel Weapon/Gloves Gem Dandel.png Orange Dandel Gem
Icon Growling.jpg Growling Weapon/Boots Gem Socket.png Socket Gem
Quarrel Shooter Icon DeployPavise.jpg Deploy Pavise Weapon/Boots Gem Upent.png Upent Gem
Icon ScatterCaltrop.jpg Scatter Caltrop Weapon/Boots Gem Panto Archer.png Panto Archer Gem
Icon StoneShot.jpg Stone Shot Weapon/Gloves Gem Zigri Brown.png Brown Zigri Gem
Icon RapidFire.jpg Rapid Fire Weapon/Gloves Gem Colifly.png Spoiled Coliflower Gem
Icon Teardown.jpg Teardown Gloves/Boots Gem Lepusbunny Assassin.png Lepusbunny Assassin Gem
Icon RunningShot.jpg Running Shot Weapon/Gloves Gem DeadbornScap.png Deadborn Scap Gem
Sapper Icon StakeStockades.jpg Stack Stockades Top/Pants Gem Mushcarfung.png Catacomb Mushcarfung Gem
Icon Conceal.jpg Conceal Top/Pants Gem Sakmoli Orange.png Orange Sakmoli Gem
Icon Claymore.jpg Claymore Weapon/Gloves Gem Infroholder Archer.png Infroholder Archer Gem
Icon PunjiStake.jpg Punji Stake Weapon/Boots Gem Hogma Archer.png Hogma Archer Gem
Icon DetonateTraps.jpg Deonate Traps Weapon/Gloves Gem Merog Shaman.png Merog Shaman Gem
Icon BroomTrap.jpg Broom Trap Weapon/Boots Gem Vikaras.png Vikaras Gem
Icon CollarBomb.jpg Collar Bomb Weapon/Gloves Gem Rubblem.png Rubblem Gem
Icon SpikeShooter.jpg Spike Shooter Weapon/Boots Gem InfroHolder.png Infro Holder Gem
Ranger Icon Barrage.jpg Barrage Weapon/Boots Gem Spion Archer.png Spion Archer Gem
Icon HighAnchoring.jpg High Anchoring Weapon/Gloves Gem Panto Pathfinder.png Panto Pathfinder Gem
Icon CriticalShot.jpg Critical Shot Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeArcher.png Vubbe Archer Gem
Icon SteadyAim.jpg Steady Aim Gloves/Boots Gem Colifly.png Colifly Gem
Icon TimeBombArrow.jpg Time Bomb Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Truffle.png Truffle Gem
Icon BounceShot.jpg Bounce Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Fisherman Red.png Red Fisherman Gem
Icon SpiralArrow.jpg Spiral Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Ellom.png Ellom Gem
Wugushi Icon Detoxify.jpg Detoxify Top/Pants Gem Ellomago.png Ellomago Gem
Icon NeedleBlow.jpg Needle Blow Weapon/Gloves Gem Pino White.png White Pino Gem
Icon Bewitch.jpg Bewitch Weapon/Boots Gem Cockatrice.png Cockatrice Gem
Icon WugongGu.jpg Wugong Gu Weapon/Gloves Gem VubbeArcher.png Vubbe Archer Gem
Icon Zhendu.jpg Zhendu Weapon/Boots Gem Ridimed.png Ridimed Gem
Icon ThrowGuPot.jpg Throw Gu Pot Weapon/Gloves Gem TerraImp Archer.png Terra Imp Archer Gem
Icon JincanGu.jpg Jincan Gu Weapon/Boots Gem Moyabu Yellow.png Yellow Moyabu Gem
Scout Icon FluFlu.jpg Flu Flu Weapon/Gloves Gem Yonazolem.png Yonazolem Gem
Icon FlareShot.jpg Flare Shot Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeArcher High.png High Vubbe Archer Gem
Icon Cloaking.jpg Cloaking Gloves/Boots Gem Sakmoli.png Sakmoli Gem
Icon PerspectiveDistortion.jpg Perspective Distortion Weapon/Gloves Gem Zigri Red.png Red Zigri Gem
Icon Scan.jpg Scan Weapon/Boots
Icon SplitArrow.jpg Split Arrow Weapon/Gloves
Rogue Icon SneakHit.jpg Sneak Hit Top/Pants Gem Hohen Leader.png Hohen Leader Gem
Icon Feint.jpg Feint Top/Pants Gem Minos Archer.png Minos Archer Gem
Icon Capture.jpg Capture Weapon/Gloves Gem Nuodai.png Nuodai Gem
Icon Vendetta.jpg Vendetta Weapon/Boots Gem Wendigo Searcher.png Wendigo Searcher Gem
Icon Burrow.jpg Burrow Top/Boots
Icon Evasion.jpg Evasion Gloves/Boots
Icon Lachrymator.jpg Lachrymator Weapon/Gloves
Icon Backstab.jpg Backstab Subweapon/Boots Gem Velaphid.png Velaphid Gem
Schwarzereiter Icon ConcentratedFire.jpg Concentrated Fire Weapon/Boots Gem DeadbornScap Red.png Corrupted Deadborn Scap Archer Gem
Icon Caracole.jpg Caracole Subweapon/Boots Gem Socket Archer.png Socket Archer Gem
Icon Limacon.jpg Limacon Weapon/Gloves
Icon RetreatShot.jpg Retreat Shot Subweapon/Gloves
Fletcher Icon Broadhead.jpg Broadhead Weapon/Gloves Gem Rambear Archer.png Rambear Archer Gem
Icon BodkinPoint.jpg Bodkin Point Weapon/Boots Gem Colifly.png Colifly Gem
Icon BarbedArrow.jpg Barbed Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Stoulet.png Stoulet Gem
Icon CrossFire.jpg Cross Fire Weapon/Boots Gem Loftlem.png Pure Loftlem Gem
Icon MagicArrow.jpg Magic Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Lepusbunny.png Lupusbunny Gem
Icon DivineMachineArrow.jpg Divine Machine Arrow Weapon/Boots Gem Colifly.png Black Colifly Gem
Falconer Icon BuildRoost.jpg Build Roost Gloves/Boots
Icon Circling.jpg Circling Top/Pants
Icon Hovering.jpg Hovering Top/Pants
Icon Pheasant.jpg Pheasant Weapon/Gloves Gem Moyabu.png Moyabu Gem
Icon HangingShot.jpg Hanging Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Saltisdaughter.png Saltisdaughter Gem
Cannoneer Icon CannonShot.jpg Cannon Shot Subweapon/Boots
Icon ShootDown.jpg Shootdown Subweapon/Boots
Icon SiegeBurst.jpg SeigeBurst Weapon/Gloves
Icon CannonBlast.jpg CannonBlast Subweapon/Boots
Class Skill Socket Type Gem Type
Cleric Icon Heal.jpg Heal Weapon/Gloves Gem Hanaming.png Hanaming Gem
Icon Cure.jpg Cure Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeThief.png Vubbe Thief Gem
Icon SafetyZone.jpg Safety Zone Top/Pants Gem Chupacabra.png Chupacabra Gem
Icon DeprotectedZone.jpg Deprotected Zone Weapon/Boots Gem Infrorocktor.png Infrorocktor Gem
Icon DivineMight.jpg Divine Might Weapon/Gloves Gem Corylus.png Corylus Gem
Icon Fade.jpg Fade Top/Pants Gem Beeteros.png Beeteros Gem
Icon GuardianSaint.jpg Guardian Saint Top/Pants Gem Infroholder Shaman.png Infroholder Shaman Gem
Priest Icon Aspersion.jpg Aspersion Top/Pants Gem Rodelin.png Rodelin Gem
Icon Monstrance.jpg Monstrance Top/Pants Gem Leafly.png Leafly Gem
Icon Blessing.jpg Blessing Weapon/Gloves Gem Doyor.png Doyor Gem
Icon Sacrament.jpg Sacrament Weapon/Boots Gem Fragaras Blue.png Blue Fragaras Gem
Icon Revive.jpg Revive Weapon/Gloves Gem Cronewt Archer.png Cronewt Poison Needler Gem
Icon MassHeal.jpg MassHeal Weapon/Boots Gem Shredded.png Earth Shredded Gem
Icon Exorcise.jpg Exorcise Weapon/Gloves Gem Hallowventor.png Earth Hallowventor Gem
Icon StoneSkin.jpg Stone Skin Top/Pants Gem Hogma Shaman.png Hogma Shaman Gem
Krivis Icon Aukuras.jpg Aukuras Weapon/Boots Gem Zignuts.png Zignuts Gem
Icon Zalciai.jpg Zalciai Weapon/Gloves Gem Grummer.png Grummer Gem
Icon Daino.jpg Daino Weapon/Boots Gem Tipio.png Tipio Gem
Icon Zaibas.jpg Zaibas Weapon/Boots Gem LargePanto Spearman.png Large Panto Spearman Gem
Icon DivineStigma.jpg Divine Stigma Top/Pants Gem Mentiwood.png Mentiwood Gem
Icon Melstis.jpg Melstis Top/Pants Gem Spectra Earth.png Earth Spectra Gem
Bokor Icon Hexing.jpg Hexing Gloves/Boots Gem Luxodon Red.png Red Luxodon Gem
Icon Effigy.jpg Effigy Weapon/Gloves Gem Operor.png Operor Gem
Icon Zombify.jpg Zombify Weapon/Boots Gem Pawnd.png Pawnd Gem
Icon Mackangdal.jpg Mackangdal Weapon/Gloves Gem Geppetto White.png White Geppetto Gem
Icon BwaKayiman.jpg Bwa Kayiman Weapon/Boots Gem Hamming Orange.png Orange Hamming Gem
Icon Samdiveve.jpg Samdiveve Subweapon/Boots Gem Tombsinker.png Tombsinker Gem
Icon Ogouveve.jpg Ogouveve Subweapon/Gloves Gem Hohen Mage.png Hohen_Mage Gem
Icon Damballa.jpg Damballa Weapon/Gloves Gem Siaulamb Shaman.png Siaulamb Shaman Gem
Druid Icon Chortasmata.jpg Chortasmata Weapon/Boots Gem Glyquare.png Glyquare Gem
Icon Carnivory.jpg Carnivory Weapon/Gloves Gem Hallowventor Magician.png Hallowventor Magician Gem
Icon StereaTrofh.jpg Sterea Trofh Weapon/Boots
Icon Transform.jpg Transform Top/Pants Gem Jukopus Grey.png Grey Jukopus Gem
Icon ShapeShifting.jpg Shape Shifting Top/Pants
Icon Telepath.jpg Telepath Weapon/Boots Gem Socket Mage.png Socket Mage Gem
Sadhu Icon OutOfBody.jpg Out of Body Top/Pants Gem Flash Magician.png Flash Magician Gem
Icon AstralBodyExplosion.jpg Astral Body Explosions Weapon/Gloves Gem Shtayim.png Shtayim Gem
Icon VashitaSiddhi.jpg Vashita Siddhi Weapon/Boots Gem Cronewt Wizard.png Cronewt Gem
Icon Possession.jpg Possession Weapon/Gloves Gem Infroblood.png Infroblood Gem
Dievdirby Icon CarveVakarine.jpg Statue of Goddess Vakarine Top/Pants Gem Chupaluka.png Pink ChupalukaGem
Icon CarveZemyna.jpg Statue of Goddess Zemnya Top/Pants Gem Sauga.png Sauga Gem
Icon CarveLaima.jpg Statue of Goddess Laima Top/Pants Gem Maggot.png Catacomb Maggot Gem
Icon Carve.jpg Carve Weapon/Gloves Gem Tontus.png Tontus Gem
Icon CarveOwl.jpg Carve Owl Weapon/Boots Gem Caras Wizard.png Caras Wizard Gem
Icon WorldTree.jpg Carve World Tree Weapon/Gloves Gem Echad Wizard.png Echad Wizard Gem
Icon CarveAusrine.jpg Statue of Goddess Ausrine Weapon/Boots Gem NightMaiden.png Night Maiden Gem
Oracle Icon ArcaneEnergy.jpg Arcane Energy Weapon/Glove Gem Hallowventor Shawn.png Hallowventor Shawn Gem
Icon Change.jpg Change Weapon/Boots
Icon CounterSpell.jpg Counter Spell Top/Pants Gem Pyran.png Corrupt Pyran Gem
Icon Forecast.jpg Forecast Gloves/Boots
Icon Prophecy.jpg Prophecy Top/Pants
Monk Icon IronSkin.jpg Iron Skin Top/Pants Gem Griba Green.png Green Griba Gem
Icon DoublePunch.jpg Double Punch Weapon/Gloves Gem Velwriggler.png Blue Velwriggler Gem
Icon PalmStrike.jpg Palm Strik Weapon/Boots Gem Siaulamb Warrior.png Siaulamb Warrior Gem
Icon HandKnife.jpg Hand Knife Weapon/Gloves Gem Gribaru.png Orange Gribaru Gem
Icon EnergyBlast.jpg Energy Blast Weapon/Boots Gem Goblin Warrior.png Goblin Warrior Gem
Icon OneInchPunch.jpg One Inch Punch Weapon/Gloves
Icon GodFingerFlicking.jpg God Finger Flicking Weapon/Boots
Icon GoldenBellShield.jpg Golden Bell Shield Top/Pants Gem UmbrellaMoss Black.png Black Umbrella Moss Gem
Icon Simony.jpg Simony Gloves/Boots Gem Levi.png Levi Gem
Icon Indulgentia.jpg Indulgentia Top/Pants Gem Elma.png Elma Gem
Icon DiscernEvil.jpg Discern Evil Weapon/Gloves Gem Honeybean.png Honeybean Gem
Icon IncreaseMagicDEF.jpg Increase Magic Defense Top/Pants Gem Wendigo Shaman.png Wendigo Shaman Gem
Icon Oblation.jpg Oblation Gloves/Boots
Paladin Icon Smite.jpg Smite Gloves/Boots Gem Tontulia.png Tontulia Gem
Icon Restoration.jpg Restoration Top/Pants Gem Zignuts.png Ashrong Gem
Icon ResistElements.jpg Resist Elements Top/Pants Gem Lizardman.png Lizardman Gem
Icon TurnUndead.jpg Turn Undead Weapon/Boots Gem ShamanDoll.png Shaman Doll Gem
Icon Conversion.jpg Conversion Weapon/Gloves Gem LongBranchedTree.png Confined Long Branched Tree Gem
Icon Barrier.jpg Barrier Top/Pants
Icon Conviction.jpg Conviction Weapon/Boots
Class Skill Socket Type Gem Type
Swordsman Icon Thrust.jpg Thrust Weapon/Gloves Gem Chinency.png Chinency Gem
Icon Bash.jpg Bash Weapon/Gloves Gem Weaver.png Weaver Gem
Icon Gungho.jpg Gungho Top/Pants Gem Yekubite.png Yekubite Gem
Icon Concentrate.jpg Concentrate Top/Pants Gem Jukopus.png Jukopus Gem
Icon PainBarrier.jpg Pain Barrier Top/Pants Gem StoneOrca.png Stone Orca Gem
Icon Restrain.jpg Restrain Gloves/Boots Gem Seedmia.png Seedmia Gem
Icon PommelBeat.jpg Pommel Beat Weapon/Boots Gem Panto.png Panto Gem
Icon DoubleSlash.jpg Double Slash Weapon/Gloves Gem Ultanun.png Ultanun Gem
Highlander Icon WagonWheel.jpg Wagon Wheel Weapon/Gloves Gem Puragi.png Puragi Gem
Icon CartarStroke.jpg Cartar Stroke Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeFighter.png Vubbe Fighter Gem
Icon Crown.jpg Crown Weapon/Gloves Gem Mallardu.png Mallardu Gem
Icon CrossGuard.jpg Cross Guard Weapon/Boots Gem Rodelin.png Brown Rodelin Gem
Icon Moulinet.jpg Moulinet Weapon/Gloves Gem Glizardon.png Glizardon Gem
Icon SkyLiner.jpg Sky Liner Weapon/Boots Gem Lauzinutena.png Lauzinutena Gem
Icon CrossCut.jpg Cross Cut Weapon/Gloves Gem Loftlem.png Loftlem Gem
Icon SkullSwing.jpg Skull Swing Weapon/Boots Gem DeadbornScap.png Deadborn Scap Gem
Icon VerticalSlash.jpg Vertical Slash Weapon/Gloves Gem Boowook.png Boowook Gem
Peltasta Icon UmboBlow.jpg UmboBlow Subweapon/Gloves Gem Egnome.png Egnome Gem
Icon RimBlow.jpg Rim Blow Subweapon/Boots Gem Yognome.png Yognome Gem
Icon SwashBuckling.jpg Swash Buckling Subweapon/Gloves Gem Pawndel.png Pawndel Gem
Icon Guardian.jpg Guardian Top/Pants Gem Beetow.png Beetow Gem
Icon ShieldLob.jpg Shield Lob Subweapon/Gloves Gem WoodGoblin Earth.png Earth Wood Goblin Gem
Icon HighGuard.jpg High Guard Subweapon/Boots Gem Ammon.png Ammon Gem
Icon Butterfly.jpg Butterfly Weapon/Boots Gem Vikaras Mage.png Vikaras Mage Gem
Icon UmboThrust.jpg Umbo Thrust Subweapon/Gloves Gem Infroburk.png Infroburk Gem
Hoplite Icon Stabbing.jpg Stabbing Weapon/Gloves Gem Mushcarfung.png Mushcarfung Gem
Icon Pierce.jpg Pierce Weapon/Boots Gem Groll.png Groll Gem
Icon Finestra.jpg Finestra Weapon/Gloves Gem Chafperor.png Chafperor Gem
Icon SynchroThrusting.jpg Synchro Thrusting Weapon/Boots Gem Thornball.png Thornball Gem
Icon LongStride.jpg Long Stride Weapon/Gloves Gem Bite.png Bite Gem
Icon SpearLunge.jpg Spear Lunge Weapon/Boots Gem Burialer.png Cementery Golem Gem
Icon ThrowingSpear.jpg Throwing Spear Weapon/Gloves Gem Drake Black.png Black Drake Gem
Barbarian Icon Embowel.jpg Embowel Gloves/Boots Gem CandleSpider.png Catacomb Candle Spider Gem
Icon StompingKick.jpg Stomping Kick Gloves/Boots Gem Pino.png Pino Gem
Icon Cleave.jpg Cleave Weapon/Gloves Gem Ticen.png Ticen Gem
Icon HelmChopper.jpg Helm Chopper Weapon/Boots Gem Ridimed Black.png Black Ridimed Gem
Icon Warcry.jpg Warcry Top/Pants Gem Mauros.png Mauros Gem
Icon Frenzy.jpg Frenzy Top/Pants Gem WingedFrog.png Winged Frog Gem
Icon Seism.jpg Seism Weapon/Gloves Gem StumpyTree Magician.png Stump Tree Gem
Icon GiantSwing.jpg Giant Swing Weapon/Boots Gem Cronewt Wizard.png Cronewt Gem
Icon Pouncing.jpg Pouncing Weapon/Gloves Gem PrisonFighter.png Prison Fighter Gem
Cataphract Icon Impaler.jpg Impaler Weapon/Boots Gem Vubbe Chaser.png Mine Predator Gem
Icon EarthWave.jpg Earth Wave Weapon/Gloves Gem Vubbe Warrior.png Vubbe Warrior Gem
Icon Trot.jpg Trot Gloves/Boots Gem Cockat.png Cockrat Gem
Icon SteedCharge.jpg Steed Charge Weapon/Gloves Gem Bushspider.png Bushspider Gem
Icon DoomSpike.jpg Doom Spike Weapon/Boots Gem Yognome.png Yellow Yognome Gem
Icon Rush.jpg Rush Weapon/Gloves Gem Siaulamb Big.png Big Siaulamb Gem
Corsair Icon JollyRoger.jpg Jolly Roger Gloves/Boots Gem Infroblood.png Red Infrocktor Gem
Icon IronHook.jpg Iron Hook Gloves/Boots Gem Moyabu Yellow.png Yellow Moyabu Gem
Icon KeelHauling.jpg Keel Hauling Gloves/Boots Gem Hook.png Rusty Old Hook Gem
Icon DustDevil.jpg Dust Devil Weapon/Gloves Gem Stoulet Blue.png Blue Stoulet Gem
Icon DoubleWeaponAssault.jpg Double Weapon Assault Subweapon/Gloves
Icon HexenDropper.jpg Hexen Dropper Subweapon/Boots Gem Spion.png Spion Gem
Doppelsoeldner Icon Punish.jpg Punish Weapon/Gloves
Icon DeedsOfValor.jpg Deeds Of Valor Top/Pants
Icon Mordschlag.jpg Mordschlag Weapon/Gloves Gem Lemur.png Lemur Gem
Icon DoublePayEarn.jpg Double Pay Earn Weapon/Boots Gem CandleSpider Yellow.png Yellow Candle Spider Gem
Icon Cyclone.jpg Cyclone Weapon/Gloves Gem Rubabos.png Rubabos Gem
Rodelero Icon ShieldCharge.jpg Shield Charge Subweapon/Gloves Gem TreeAmbulo.png Tree Ambulo Gem
Icon Montano.jpg Montano Weapon/Boots Gem Vubbe High.png High Vubbe Gem
Icon TargeSmash.jpg Targe Smash Subweapon/Boots Gem OldKepa Shell.png Old Kepa Shell Gem
Icon ShieldPush.jpg Shield Push Subweapon/Gloves Gem Drake.png Drake Gem
Icon ShieldShoving.jpg Shield Shoving Subweapon/Boots Gem Bat.png Giant Bat Gem
Icon ShieldBash.jpg Shield Bash Subweapon/Gloves Gem Raffly Blue.png Blue Raffly Gem
Icon Slithering.jpg Slithering Top/Pants Gem Nuka.png Nuka Gem
Icon ShootingStar.jpg Shooting Star Weapon/Boots Gem Goblin Charger.png Goblin Charger Gem
Icon HighKick.jpg HighKick Gloves/Boots
Squire Icon Arrest.jpg Arrest Gloves/Boots Gem Honeymeli.png Honeymeli Gem
Fencer Icon Lunge.jpg Lunge Weapon/Gloves Gem Denden.png Denden Gem
Icon SeptEtoiles.jpg Sept Etoiles Weapon/Boots Gem Lemuria.png Lemuria Gem
Icon AttaqueCoquille.jpg Attaque Coquille Weapon/Gloves Gem CorruptBelfigi.png Corrupt Belfigi Gem
Icon EsquiveToucher.jpg Esquive Toucher Weapon/Boots
Icon Flanconnade.jpg Flanconnade Weapon/Gloves
Icon AttaqueComposee.jpg Attaque Composee Weapon/Boots
Class Skill Socket Type Gem Type
Wizard Icon EnergyBolt.jpg Energy Bolt Weapon/Gloves Gem LeafBug.png Leaf Bug Gem
Icon Lethargy.jpg Lethargy Weapon/Boots Gem Kepa.png Kepa Gem
Icon Sleep.jpg Sleep Weapon/Gloves Gem Shredded.png Shredded Gem
Icon ReflectShield.jpg Reflect Shield Top/Pants Gem Popolion.png Popolion Gem
Icon Earthquake.jpg Earthquake Weapon/Boots Gem Raflower.png Raflower Gem
Icon Surespell.jpg Surespell Top/Pants Gem Banshee.png Banshee Gem
Icon MagicMissile.jpg Magic Missile Weapon/Gloves Gem Templeslave Mage.png Templeslave Mage Gem
Pyromancer Icon FireBall.jpg Fire Ball Weapon/Boots Gem DeadbornScap.png Deadborn Scap Gem
Icon FireWall.jpg Fire Wall Weapon/Gloves Gem Desmodus.png Desmodus Gem
Icon EnchantFire.jpg Enchant Fire Weapon/Boots Gem Maize Black.png Black Maize Gem
Icon Flare.jpg Flare Weapon/Gloves Gem Tiny Magician.png Tiny Magician Gem
Icon FlameGround.jpg Flame Ground Weapon/Boots Gem Galok.png Galok Gem
Icon FirePillar.jpg Fire Pillar Weapon/Gloves Gem Chupacabra Desert.png Desert Chupacabra Gem
Icon HellBreath.jpg Hell Breath Weapon/Boots Gem Colimen.png Colimen Magician Gem
Cyromancer Icon IceBolt.jpg Ice Bolt Weapon/Gloves Gem Caro.png Caro Gem
Icon IcePike.jpg Ice Pike Weapon/Boots Gem Carcashu.png Carcashu Gem
Icon IceWall.jpg Ice Wall Weapon/Glove Gem Hummingbird.png Hummingbird Gem
Icon IceBlast.jpg Ice Blast Weapon/Boots Gem Tanu.png Tanu Gem
Icon Gust.jpg Gust Weapon/Gloves Gem Wendigo.png Wendigo Gem
Icon SnowRolling.jpg Snow Rolling Gloves/Boots Gem Minos Mage.png Minos Mage Gem
Icon FrostPillar.jpg Frost Pillar Weapon/Gloves Gem VubbeWizard Ice.png Gem
Psychokino Icon PsychicPressure.jpg Psychic Pressure Weapon/Boots Gem Apparition Green.png Green Apparition Gem
Icon Telekinesis.jpg Telekinesis Weapon/Gloves Gem Wendigo Magician.png Wendigo Magician Gem
Icon Swap.jpg Swap Gloves/Boots Gem Colitile.png Colitile Gem
Icon Teleportation.jpg Teleportation Gloves/Boots Gem LeafBug.png Catacomb Leaf Bug Gem
Icon MagneticForce.jpg Magnetic Force Weapon/Gloves Gem Hallowventor.png Hallowventor Gem
Icon Raise.jpg Raise Weapon/Boots Gem Elet.png Elet Gem
Icon GravityPole.jpg Gravity Pole Weapon/Pants Gem Tama.png Orange Tama Gem
Sorcerer Icon Summoning.jpg Summoning Weapon/Boots Gem Siaulav Mage.png Siaulav Mage Gem
Icon SummonFamiliar.jpg Summon Familiar Weapon/Gloves Gem TerraImp Archer.png Terra Imp Gem
Icon SummonSalamion.jpg Summon Salamion Weapon/Boots Gem GuardianSpider.png Guardian Spider Gem
Linker Icon PhysicalLink.jpg Physical Link Weapon/Gloves Gem Raflower.png Coliflower Gem
Icon JointPenalty.jpg Joint Penalty Weapon/Boots Gem Dandel.png Dandel Gem
Icon HangmansKnot.jpg Hangman's Knot Weapon/Gloves Gem Velwriggler.png Velwriggler Gem
Icon SpiritualChain.jpg Spiritual Chain Weapon/Boots Gem Zinutekas.png Zinutekas Gem
Icon Lifeline.jpg Lifeline Weapon/Gloves Gem Cyst.png Cyst Gem
Chronomancer Icon Quicken.jpg Quicken Weapon/Boots Gem Siaulamb.png Siaulamb Lagoon Gem
Icon Reincarnate.jpg Reincarnate Weapon/Gloves Gem Hohen Mane.png Hohen Mane Gem
Icon Stop.jpg Stop Weapon/Boots Gem Ultanun.png Melatinun Gem
Icon Slow.jpg Slow Gloves/Boots Gem Burialer.png Burialer Gem
Icon Haste.jpg Haste Gloves/Boots Gem Goblin Magician.png Goblin Magician Gem
Icon BackMasking.jpg Back Masking Weapon/Gloves Gem Chupaluka.png Chupaluka Gem
Necromancer Icon GatherCorpse.jpg Gather Corpse Weapons/Boots
Icon FleshCannon.jpg Flesh Cannon Weapon/Gloves Gem Kepa Raider.png Kepa Raider Magician Gem
Icon FleshHoop.jpg Flesh Hoop Weapon/Boots
Icon DirtyPole.jpg Dirty Pole Weapon/Gloves
Icon CorpseTower.jpg Corpse Tower Weapon/Boots Gem Rambear Magician.png Rambear Magician Gem
Thaumaturge Icon SwellLeftArm.jpg Swell Left Arm Gloves/Boots Gem Varv.png Varv Gem
Icon ShrinkBody.jpg Shrink Body Weapons/Gloves Gem Kepari.png Kepari Shaman Gem
Icon SwellBody.jpg Swell Body Weapon/Boots Gem TerraImp.png Terra Imp Gem
Icon Transpose.jpg Transpose Top/Pants Gem Meduja.png Meduja Gem
Icon SwellRightArm.jpg Swell Right Arm Gloves/Boots Gem Ducky.png Gem
Icon SwellBrain.jpg Swell Brain Top/Pants
Elementalist Icon Electrocute.jpg Electrocute Weapon/Gloves Gem StumpyTree Magician.png Stumpy Tree Magician Gem
Icon StoneCurse.jpg Stone Curse Weapon/Boots Gem Fisherman.png Fisherman Gem
Icon Hail.jpg Hail Weapon/Gloves Gem Stoulet Mage.png Stoulet Mage Gem
Icon Prominence.jpg Prominence Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeWizard Fire.png Miner Flame Wizard Gem
Icon Meteor.jpg Meteor Weapon/Gloves Gem Pawnd Black.png Black Pawnd Gem
Icon FreezingSphere.jpg Freezing Sphere Weapon/Boots Gem InfroHoglan Red.png Red Infro HoglanGem
Icon Rain.jpg Rain Weapon/Gloves Gem Saltisdaughter.png Saltisdaughter Gem
Icon FrostCloud.jpg Frost Cloud Weapon/Boots Gem Ticen Magician.png Ticen Magician Gem