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Tree of Savior takes place in an unnamed kingdom beset by trial and tribulation. The Goddesses have disappeared and no one knows why. Even worse the capital has been ravaged by the appearance of Austras Koks and legions of monsters. It is against this backdrop that heroes take up sword, bow, staff, and hammer.


The following is the story as given by IMCGames. It can be read at the source here.

Blessed by the Goddess Laima, the capital of the kingdom was a symbol of prosperity. Under the reign of a wise king and with the blessings of several Goddesses, happiness filled the lives of the people.

Goddess Zemyna, the goddess of earth, blessed the land for good harvest every year. Goddess Gabija, the goddess of fire, taught people how to use fire for comfortable homes and warm food. Goddess Vakarine's stars helped travellers navigate their way and Goddess Austrine guided the souls to rest in peace. The Goddesses were always with the people.

However, one day, prayers began to be left unanswered. At first, people did not take this seriously, believing the Goddesses would soon return. But that day may have been the warning.

Austras Koks suddenly emerged from the center of the capital and started to ravage the kingdom. Its enormous size destroyed the capital before anything could be done and many shed tears for the loss of their loved ones. People started fleeing, but the disaster was not something easily avoidable.

Refugees saw gruesome sights. Lush trees and splendid flowers turned into monsters that swallowed people, and fields and forests turned into nightmares. The force that had the ruined the capital was so great, that its damaging effect reached many other cities.

Medis Diena. Four years have passed, but these words continue to haunt the people. Monsters continue to spread violence and nobody knows when their once great city will be restored. The Goddesses never returned.

Four years was certainly not enough to heal the wounds of people from that day. To this day, people try to find ways back to their past normal lives.

One day amidst despair people from around the kingdom gathered in Klaipeda claiming that they had dreamed of the Goddess. Could this be a sign of the Goddesses' return? Or the beginning of a new disaster?

Nobody has an answer.

--Polite (talk) 01:03, 27 October 2015 (CET)