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The world of Tree of Savior is populated with numerous Goddess statues, each of them offering some benefits. Some of them are hidden and will only be found by the most tenacious explorers.

Goddess Statue of Vakarine[edit]

Goddess statue of Vakarine outside of Mining Village

Once you reveal a statue of goddess Vakarine in a zone you will unlock a teleport point to the zone. Worshipping next to the goddess statue of Vakarine allows the players to travel between each unlocked statue at the cost of silver.

The amount of silver needed to teleport will depend on the distance between you starting point to the teleporting point.

Goddess Statue of Zemyna[edit]

Goddess statue of Zemyna

Praying at the Goddess statue of Zemyna will give you a single stat point upon finishing. You can pray at multiple statues but each one can only be worshipped once.

Goddess Statue of Ausurine[edit]

Goddess Statue Ausurine.jpg

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