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Companions or pets are creatures that will permanently follow you and fight with you. The same way you do, a companion gains experience and levels up, letting you improve its attributes. While fighting, if the companion runs out of HP, it will get stunned. The more you play with your companion, the more its affinity will grow towards you. Acquiring a companion will require 1 free character lodge slot. They can be used by any character of the lodge. However, their affinity level is unique to each character. Different companions possess different attributes. Lastly, some character classes offer skills and attributes which further improve companions, the most notorious being the Hunter class. Some classes can even use them as mount and ride into combat.

Riding a Companion[edit]

To ride a companion, you need the Companion Riding passive attribute, which is only available to the following classes: Cataphract, Schwarzer Reiter and Hackapell. You are able to fight while riding a companion. While riding a companion, your CON and Evasion are increased.

Companion Window[edit]

File:Companion Window.png
Companion Window

The companion window can be accessed by pressing F9. Here you'll be able to review and improve your companion's attribute, as well as toggle it on/off.

List of Companions[edit]

The following three companions can be bought in the city of Klaipeda by speaking to the [Companion Trader] Christina.

Companion Price Information
Pet Velheider.png
110 000 File:Silver.png Can be used by every class. Can be mounted.
Pet Hoglan.png
453 600 File:Silver.png Can be used by every class. Can be mounted.
Pet Hawk.png
453 600 File:Silver.png Can only be used by Falconers. Can't be mounted.
File:Pet Dog.png
- Not yet available. Can only be used by Shepherds.
Pet Piggy.png
- Not yet available.
Pet Panda.png
Red Panda
- Not yet available.
Pet Toucan.png
- Not yet available.
Pet Owl.png
- Not yet available.
Pet Guinea.png
Guinea Pig
- Available through guild dungeon