AoE Attack and Defense Ratio

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AoE Attack and Defense Ratio[edit]

Players and monsters both have two stats named AoE Attack Ratio and AoE Defense Ratio. Those two parameters define how many targets are hit by AoE skills.

AoE Attack Ratio[edit]

An attack's AoE Attack Ratio is the sum of a skill's AoE-AR(displayed on the skill's tooltip), the player's own AoE-AR(can be seen on the Character Info Window), and any applicable Attributes(Bash:Splash, for example).

AoE-AR = (chAoEAR+skAoEAR+AttributeBonuses)

AoE Attack Ratio can be roughly thought to be the maximum number of targets an attack will hit.

AoE Defense Ratio[edit]

Player characters nominally have 1 AoE Defense Ratio. More AoE-DR can be earned through specific equipment.

Monsters generally have 1/2/3 AoE Defense Ratio, depending whether they're Small/Medium/Large sizes, respectively. Some monsters may have more or less AoE-DR than their size's default number.

AoE Defense Ratio is the parameter that determines how much AoE Attack Ratio will be consumed in order to hit a specific target within an attack's Area of Effect.

AoE Targets Mechanic[edit]

Any attacks that are governed by AoE Ratio Mechanic will have an X amount of AoE Attack Ratio charges. The game will first deal damage to the target within the AoE which has the highest AoE Defense Ratio parameter(Might also prioritize monsters by size and/or distance. Needs testing). The first target's AoE Defense Ratio is subtracted from the Attack's AoE Attack Ratio's charges. If there are any charges remaining, the AoE attack will bounce to the next target and repeat the process until there are no more AoE Attack Ratio charges, or no more targets to choose from within the AoE.

Example: Using a skill that has a total AoE Attack Ratio of 8 against a group of 5 monsters. The group of monsters within the AoE has 3/2/2/2/1 AoE Defense Ratios, respectively.

-The monster with 3 AoE-DR will be targetted first. After hitting this monster, the AoE still has 5 AoE-AR charges remaining;
-The AoE attack randomly bounces on two of the monsters that have 2 AoE-DR, and loses that many AoE-AR charges each. It has 1 remaining charge;
-The attack bounces one last time to the third monster that has 2 AoE-DR. The target is hit by the attack and there are no charges left. The skill does not hit any additional targets after this;
-The monster with 1 AoE-DR is standing inside the AoE, but does not take damage, because you are already hitting the maximum number of targets that your attack permits;

Test results show that the first target to be hit will be the one with Highest AoE Defense Ratio, with subsequent targets being chosen randomly. It is possible that different skills will prioritize targets differently, but the model of AoE Attack Ratio subtracting from AoE Defense Ratio for each target in the AoE has already been confirmed in several tests, and is probably the same for all AoE Ratio skills.

It is possible to hit an unlimited amount of targets by lowering a group of enemies' AoE Defense Ratios to 0. Using the Falconer skill Circling will subtract 1 Defense Ratio per skill level, effectively removing monster monster's AoE Defense Ratios to 0.

Non-AoE Ratio Skills[edit]

Skills that do not display their AoE Attack Ratio will usually hit all the targets within it's Area of Effect without regarding either AoE-AR and/or AoE-DR.