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Advanture Journal.png

Adventure Journal (press F4 to open or click the feather icon Journal Icon.png in the game menu) contains deep information about your character's progress in the game. This may be in categories such as Item, Monster, Crafting, Maps and Contents. While exploring the world you will expand your Adventure Journal and information about your travels will be recorded in a suitable category. New records will gain you a certain number of points which will be added to your character's score. Based on the score, your character's achievements can be compared to other characters on your server.

Expanding your Adventure Journal also brings you various rewards. By gaining points in various categories you will be rewarded some silver. Finishing monster and map related achievements will also reward you with EXP cards. To receive this rewards, you must visit some of the Wings of Vibora NPCs in cities.

Adventure Journal - Item[edit]

Journal Items.png

When a completely new item is added to your Inventory it will be added to your Item tab in the Adventure Journal as well.

You will gain:

  • 1 point for a new item
  • 10 x STAR (+ Refine) points for equipment
  • 10 x STAR points for gems
  • 10 points for books

In this tab you can also see what monster does the item drops from or when it has been added to your journal.

Adventure Journal - Monster[edit]

Journal Monster.png

After you "last hit" a new monster it will be added to your Adventure Journal. As for now, there are few known bugs in this tab. However you still can see what's the highest damage you've dealt to a certain monster, how many monster of given type you've killed or even detailed information about the monster and kill/damage ranking for a specific monster by hovering the monster's image.

You will gain:

  • 10 points for normal monster
  • 50 points for boss monster

When you kill certain amount of a monster you can receive an EXP Card from Wings of Vibora by "sharing tales of battle".

Adventure Journal - Crafting[edit]

Journal Crafting.png

When you gain a recipe for an item it will be added to your journal. By crafting a new item you will gain 10 points to your score. You can check here which needed ingredients you already have too.

Adventure Journal - Maps[edit]

Journal Maps.png

While moving across the zones you will reveal the area around you. You can see here the percentage of revealed area of certain zones.

You will gain +1 points to your score for every 10% of explored area in a zone.

When you explore a zone completely (100% of its area is revealed) you can pick up your reward from Wings of Vibora in the form of EXP Cards by "sharing stories of adventure".

Adventure Journal - Contents[edit]

Journal Contents.png

You can see information about your achievements in other contents of the game here.

You can see here number of quests you've completed. For every quest completed you gain 5 points to your score as well as for every collection you've acquired. For completing a collection you gain 45 points.

You can also find information on number of NPCs you've met (+1 point for every important NPC), achievements you've earned (differs from +5 to +20 points) or missions you've cleared (+5 points).