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Job NPC Wizard Master
Starting Rank 1
Max Circle 3


Wizard classes are offensive spell casters. They favor weapons such as rods and staves for their high amount of magic attack. They possess excellent offense but are the most fragile. Out of the four archetypes, they also offer the second best support, thanks to classes such as Linker, Thaumaturge and Chronomancer.

Recommended Roles

  • Ranged DPS (Magic)
  • Support (Buffer/CC)
  • Utility (Alchemy)

Preferred Stats

A typical Wizard will favor INT to bolster their magic attack, as well as SPR to increase their max SP pool and SP recovery. However, some would rather spend as little points as possible in SPR, at the cost of drinking copious amount of SP potions. DEX isn't needed, as spells can't miss nor crit. Nor is STR needed, as their auto-attacks, regardless of the equipped weapon, will always cast a magic bolt, thus dealing damage based on Matk. CON will improve survivability, and in this regard, Thaumaturge's Transpose skill offers some flexibility, as this buff enables the user to switch INT and CON on the fly.


Below you'll find all the Wizard classes, sorted by the ranks at which each of them starts being available.

Rank 1

Rank 2

Rank 3

Rank 4

Rank 5

Rank 6

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