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Weapons can be equipped to improve a character's powers. Classes and skills govern the the type of weapon that can be used. Some weapons are one-handed, and can be used alongside a shield or an off-hand weapon. Some are two-handed. Physical based weapons are affected by STR and DEX. Magic based weapons are affected by INT. Note that maces and wands, while being primarily physical attack based, will also give a magic attack bonus, these weapons are a good choice for hybrid characters. Also note also that Wizard classes will always deal magic damage regardless of the equipped weapon, making physical based weapons not recommended for them. This is because all the Wizard classes auto-attacks throw a magic bolt.

Rarity Tiers

Rarity tiers

Weapons come in four rarity tiers: normal, magic, rare and unique. These tiers can be distinguished by the weapon's background and name color. Rarers weapons offer stronger attributes.

Weapon Types

Here is a list of all the known weapon types.

Weapon Slot Reach Damage Class
Bow Two-handed Ranged Stab Archer classes
Crossbow Main hand Ranged Stab Archer classes
Pistol Off-hand Ranged Stab Schwarzer Reiter
Mace Main hand Melee Hit All except Archer classes
Spear Main hand Melee Stab Hoplite
2H Spear Two-handed Melee Stab Cataphract
Sword Main hand Melee Slash All except Archer classes
2H Sword Two-handed Melee Slash Highlander, Barbarian
Rod Main hand Melee Magic All except Archer classes
Staff Two-handed Ranged Magic Wizard classes
Wand Main hand Melee Hit All classes
Rapier Main hand Melee Stab Fencer
Dagger Off-hand Melee Stab All classes
Cannon Off-hand Ranged  ? Cannoneer
Stick Two-handed Melee Hit  ?
Book  ?  ?  ?  ?
Musket Two-handed Ranged Stab Musketeer

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