Tenet Chapel 2F

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Tenet Chapel 2F
Area: Klaipeda Region
Type: Dungeon
Level: 48

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List of Quests

Activate the Auka Altar (Level 48)

Activate the Malda Altar (Level 48)

Cat and Mouse (Level 48)

Cleaning the Church (Level 48)

Gesti's Plan (Level 48)

Recapture the Bell Tower (Level 48)

Stolen Seal of Space (Level 48)

The Hidden Sanctum's Revelation (1) (Level 48)

Trapped Gesti (Level 48)

Quest Guide

-Talk to the Paladin until you get a boss fight with Necroventer. After he's dead, the Paladin will have more main quests for you, but also 3 blue quests. Take them;


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