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This template is used to display skill along with their icons, circles and links to the TosBase database.
Icon display is automated if the icon have the following naming pattern : Icon_Skill_Name.jpg with Skill_Name being the name of the skill with its spaces replaced by underscores.


  • {{{Name}}} name of the skill
  • {{{Circle}}} circle of the skill (non mandatory if horizontal is set to yes)
  • {{{Id}}} Tosbase database id
  • {{{Icon}}} name of the icon file. Should be used only if the automatic generation fail, especially in case of multiple-word skill name (non mandatory)
  • {{{Horizontal}}} the skill will be displayed horizontally if this value is set to yes. By default, the skill will be displayed vertically. This option allow the skill to be easily embedded in text for example (non mandatory)


Input Output
{{Skill | Name=Barrage | Circle=1 | Id=30101}}
Icon Barrage.jpg
{{Skill | Name=Telepath}}

Not advised : please specify Id and Circle if possible

Icon Telepath.jpg
{{Skill | Name=Bounce Shot | Circle=3 | Id=30106 | Icon=Icon_BounceShot.jpg}}
Icon BounceShot.jpg
Bounce Shot
{{Skill | Name=Carnivory | Horizontal=yes | Id=40902}} Icon Carnivory.jpg Carnivory
{{Skill | Name=Rune of Ice | Icon=Icon_RuneOfIce.jpg | Horizontal=yes}}

Not advised : please specify Id if possible

Icon RuneOfIce.jpg Rune of Ice