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[[File:Swordsman.jpg|280px|thumb|right|Female Swordsman]]  
[[File:Centurion.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Centurion NPC]]  
= Introduction =
= Introduction =

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Centurion NPC


Swordsman classes are strong and robust melee combatants. They can use most weapons but favor swords and spears, both one-handed and two-handed. Out of all the archetypes, they offer the tankiest classes and are the best at provoking monsters, thanks to the Peltasta, rendering them ideal for group play. They also possess excellent mobility, thanks to Cataphract's ability ride his mount and combat with it, and are the only archetype able to use dash. They are also blessed with a good amount of crowd control abilities. Lastly, Squires can also offer excellent utility to the group by crafting food and repairing equipment.

Recommended Roles

  • Melee DPS (Physical)
  • Tank
  • Utility (Food/Repair/CC/Mobility)

Preferred Stats

A good balance of STR and DEX will work well here to improve the Swordsman's damage, critical hit rate and evasion. Every class will also want some CON to increase their survivability, while Tanks will favor it the most. INT is not needed, as none of the Swordsman classes deal magic damage. Lastly, SPR could have some use if SP recovery is lacking, but it is nowhere near as useful as the other three main stats. The typical Swordsman will rather drink SP potions without moderation.


Below you'll find all the Swordsman classes, sorted by the ranks at which each of them starts being available.

Rank 1

Rank 2

Rank 3

Rank 4

Rank 5

Rank 6

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