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== Armor Break ==
== Armor Break ==
Breaks the target's armor.
Reduces the target's defense.
'''Skills inflicting armor break:'''
'''Skills inflicting armor break:'''

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Example status effect: Stun


Status effects are abnormal states which temporarily hinder their victim. Some of these effects can be cured using Cleric's Cure, Pardoner's Indulgentia or Oracle's Prophecy.

List of Status Effects

Armor Break

Reduces the target's defense.

Skills inflicting armor break:


A target afflicted with bleeding will lose HP over time.

Skills inflicting bleeding:

Skills affecting bleeding targets:

Burn (Flame)

Burning targets receive damage over time.

Skills inflicting burn:

Skills affecting burning targets:

Confusion (Chaos)


Skills inflicting confusion:

Darkness (Blind)

Targets afflicted with darkness...

Skills inflicting darkness:

Death Sentence

A target afflicted with death sentence is killed after the countdown is over.

Skills inflicting death sentence:

Decay (Corruption)

Targets afflicted with decay will see their max HP being reduced.

Skills inflicting decay:


Targets afflicted with fear will run away randomly.

Skills inflicting fear:


Frozen victims are unable to act.

Skills inflicting freeze:

Skills affecting frozen targets:

Passive attributes affecting frozen targets:

Instant Kill

Instantly kills the target regardless of their HP.

Skills inflicting instant kill:

Passive attributes inflicting instant kill:


Targets are pushed back from their original location.

Skills inflicting knockback:

Skills affecting knockback or knocked back targets:

Knockdown (Imbalance)

Targets that are knocked down are temporarily unable to act.

Skills inflicting knockdown:

Skills affecting knockdown:


Targets afflicted with lethargy will have reduced physical attack, magic attack and evasion.

Skills inflicting lethargy:

Loss of control

While not officially a status effect, here are regrouped the skills which prevent a target to act or move, that are not part of the other status effects.

Skills inflicting loss of control:

Petrifaction (Stone)

Petrified targets are unable to act.

Skills inflicting petrifaction:

Skills affecting petrifaction or petrified targets:


A poisoned target will slowly lose HP over time.

Skills inflicting poison:

Skills affecting poison or poisoned targets:

Provoke (Taunt)

The provoker will draw the attention of the provoked targets.

Skills inflicting provoke:

Passive attributes affecting provoke:

Root (Bind)

Rooted targets are unable to move, but they can still act.

Skills inflicting root:


A shocked target will see their INT and SPR temporarily decreased.

Skills inflicting shock:


A silenced victim will be unable to use skills.

Skills inflicting silence:


A sleeping target will be unable to act but will wake up after receiving a certain amount of hits or after the duration is over, whichever comes first.

Skills inflicting sleep:

Skills affecting sleeping targets:


Reduces the movement speed of afflicted targets.

Skills inflicting slow:

Passive attributes inflicting slow:


Stopped targets are unable to act for the duration but are immune to damage.

Skills inflicting stop:

  • Stop (Chronomancer)


A stunned target will be unable to act for the duration.

Skills inflicting stun:

Passive attributes inflicting stun:

Skills affecting stun or stunned targets:

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