Srautas Canyon

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Srautas Canyon
Area: Klaipeda Region
Type: Field
Level: 26

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List of Quests

Collecting Cable Car Parts (Level 26)

Finding the Lever Handle Latches (Level 26)

Lure the Baby Pantos (Level 26)

Stubborness (Level 26)

The Fearless Ones (Level 26)

The Parts Thief (Level 26)

Tyrant of the Srautas Gorge (Level 26)

Designate the district(1) (Level 100)

Designate the district(2) (Level 100)

Quest Guide

-Get all the quests from the NPCs near the cable car; -After you've finished them all, cross the gap with the car and get the quests from the NPC on the other end;


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