Plague Doctor

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Plague Doctor
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Job NPC Plague Doctor Master
Starting Rank 7
Max Circle 3


The Plague Doctor is a Rank 7 Cleric-type class.


Healing Factor
Temporarily summons magic circle which grants hyper regeneration. This magic circle rapidly regenerates your or your allies' health back to the point when the circle was triggered when damaged.
Level 1 (Duration 20 seconds) (Heals 60HP)

Incinerate enemies with status ailments. The duration of incineration increases depending on the number of status ailments on the enemy.
Level 1 (Damage 1051) (Special Damage 68%) (Base duration 5 seconds)

Make you or your allies bleed to temporarily prevent from getting status ailments. While bleeding, one becomes invulnerable to status ailments under Rank 2.
Level 1 (Duration 35 seconds) (decrease 5 HP)

Spray fumigating clouds which cures you and your allies of status ailments. Allies within the range are cured of all status ailments under Rank 3.
Level 1 (Remove status ailments under Rank 3) (Applied up to 3 players)

Spread all status ailments on the enemies to other enemies within the range.
Level 1 (Applied up to 5 enemies)

Beak Mask
Wear Beak Mask. The front side of the mask has special drug applied which can block off status ailments under rank 2 from enemies.
Level 1 (Duration 25seconds) (Rank 1 and 2 100% prevention) (Rank 3 80% prevention)



Incineration Enhance
+1% damage per attribute level.

Healing Factor
Attack When enemies step onto [Healing Factor]'s magic circle, they will take continous damage. The total damage is proportional to the current HP of the character.

Bleeding Whilst [Bloodletting]'s effect is active, HP Consumption time increases by 0.02 seconds per attribute level.

SP Alternative Whilst [Bloodletting] is active, 10% chance per attribute level that whilst HP is being drained, SP is also drained.

Prevention [Fumigate] causes a 10 second buff, which blocks 'Level 3 status effects' at a 5% chance per attribute level.

Filtration (lit. Water Treatment) Using [Fumigate] causes a cleansing area to last for 10 seconds. Allies will have their Poison Resistance increased by 10%.

Beak Mask
Resistance Whilst wearing [Beak Mask], 5% chance per attribute level to block 'level 3 status effects', but SP consumption will also increase.

Beak Mask
Poison Resistance Whilst wearing [Beak Mask], Poison Resistance will increase by 5 per attribute level.



  • Is based on a special medical physician who treated those who had the plague. Plague Doctor
  • Added to Korean Test Server on December 3rd