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== Limitation ==
== Limitation ==
Only one copy of a monster gem may be used at a time. For example wearing two [[Crystal Spider Gem]] will only yield '''+1''' for Swift Step instead of '''+2'''
Only one copy of a monster gem may be used at a time. For example wearing two [[Crystal Spider Gem]] will only yield '''+1''' for Swift Step instead of '''+2'''. Removing a monster gem will '''destroy the gem''' as the gem is considered lv1
Removing a monster gem will '''destroy the gem''' as the gem is considered lv1
= Monster Gem List =
= Monster Gem List =

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Monster gems can be slotted like regular gems with Shift-Right. To slot a monster gem into an piece of equipment, you must open a socket from the blacksmith in town to be able to insert a monster gem. Each monster gem add +1 skill level to the corresponding skill


Only one copy of a monster gem may be used at a time. For example wearing two Crystal Spider Gem will only yield +1 for Swift Step instead of +2. Removing a monster gem will destroy the gem as the gem is considered lv1

Monster Gem List


Class Skill Socket Type Gem Type
Archer Icon SwiftStep.jpg Swift Step Weapon/Gloves Gem CrystalSpider.png Crystal Spider Gem
Icon MultiShot.jpg Multi Shot Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeMiner.png Vubbe Miner Gem
Icon FullDraw.jpg Full Draw Weapon/Gloves Gem Bat.png Bat Gem
Icon ObliqueShot.jpg Oblique Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Kepa Red.png Red Kepa Gem
Icon KneelingShot.jpg Kneeling Shot Weapon/Gloves Gem Pokubu.png Blue Pokubu Gem
Icon HeavyShot.jpg Heavy Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Tiny Archer.png Tiny Archer Gem
Icon TwinArrows.jpg Twin Arrows Weapon/Gloves Gem Siaulav.png Siaulav Gem
Hunter Icon Coursing.jpg Coursing Weapon/Boots Gem Merog Stinger.png Merog Stinger Gem
Icon Snatching.jpg Snatching Weapon/Gloves Gem Wendigo Archer.png Wendigo Archer Gem
Icon Pointing.jpg Pointing Weapon/Boots Gem Lichenclops.png Lichenclops Gem
Icon RushDog.jpg Rush Dog Weapon/Gloves Gem Tucen.png Tucen Gem
Icon Retrieve.jpg Retrieve Weapon/Boots Gem Operor.png White Operor Gem
Icon Hounding.jpg Orange Dandel Weapon/Gloves Gem Dandel.png Orange Dandel Gem
Icon Growling.jpg Growling Weapon/Boots Gem Socket.png Socket Gem
Quarrel Shooter Icon DeployPavise.jpg Deploy Pavise Weapon/Boots Gem Upent.png Upent Gem
Icon ScatterCaltrop.jpg Scatter Caltrop Weapon/Boots Gem Panto Archer.png Panto Archer Gem
Icon StoneShot.jpg Stone Shot Weapon/Gloves Gem Zigri Brown.png Brown Zigri Gem
Icon RapidFire.jpg Rapid Fire Weapon/Gloves Gem Colifly.png Spoiled Coliflower Gem
Icon Teardown.jpg Teardown Gloves/Boots Gem Lepusbunny Assassin.png Lepusbunny Assassin Gem
Icon RunningShot.jpg Running Shot Weapon/Gloves Gem DeadbornScap.png Deadborn Scap Gem
Sapper Icon StakeStockades.jpg Stack Stockades Top/Pants Gem Mushcarfung.png Catacomb Mushcarfung Gem
Icon Conceal.jpg Conceal Top/Pants Gem Sakmoli Orange.png Orange Sakmoli Gem
Icon Claymore.jpg Claymore Weapon/Gloves Gem Infroholder Archer.png Infroholder Archer Gem
Icon PunjiStake.jpg Punji Stake Weapon/Boots Gem Hogma Archer.png Hogma Archer Gem
Icon DetonateTraps.jpg Deonate Traps Weapon/Gloves Gem Merog Shaman.png Merog Shaman Gem
Icon BroomTrap.jpg Broom Trap Weapon/Boots Gem Vikaras.png Vikaras Gem
Icon CollarBomb.jpg Collar Bomb Weapon/Gloves Gem Rubblem.png Rubblem Gem
Icon SpikeShooter.jpg Spike Shooter Weapon/Boots Gem InfroHolder.png Infro Holder Gem
Ranger Icon Barrage.jpg Barrage Weapon/Boots Gem Spion Archer.png Spion Archer Gem
Icon HighAnchoring.jpg High Anchoring Weapon/Gloves Gem Panto Pathfinder.png Panto Pathfinder Gem
Icon CriticalShot.jpg Critical Shot Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeArcher.png Vubbe Archer Gem
Icon SteadyAim.jpg Steady Aim Gloves/Boots Gem Colifly.png Colifly Gem
Icon TimeBombArrow.jpg Time Bomb Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Truffle.png Truffle Gem
Icon BounceShot.jpg Bounce Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Fisherman Red.png Red Fisherman Gem
Icon SpiralArrow.jpg Spiral Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Ellom.png Ellom Gem
Wugushi Icon Detoxify.jpg Detoxify Top/Pants Gem Ellomago.png Ellomago Gem
Icon NeedleBlow.jpg Needle Blow Weapon/Gloves Gem Pino White.png White Pino Gem
Icon Bewitch.jpg Bewitch Weapon/Boots Gem Cockatrice.png Cockatrice Gem
Icon WugongGu.jpg Wugong Gu Weapon/Gloves Gem VubbeArcher.png Vubbe Archer Gem
Icon Zhendu.jpg Zhendu Weapon/Boots Gem Ridimed.png Ridimed Gem
Icon ThrowGuPot.jpg Throw Gu Pot Weapon/Gloves Gem TerraImp Archer.png Terra Imp Archer Gem
Icon JincanGu.jpg Jincan Gu Weapon/Boots Gem Moyabu Yellow.png Yellow Moyabu Gem
Scout Icon FluFlu.jpg Flu Flu Weapon/Gloves Gem Yonazolem.png Yonazolem Gem
Icon FlareShot.jpg Flare Shot Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeArcher High.png High Vubbe Archer Gem
Icon Cloaking.jpg Cloaking Gloves/Boots Gem Sakmoli.png Sakmoli Gem
Icon PerspectiveDistortion.jpg Perspective Distortion Weapon/Gloves Gem Zigri Red.png Red Zigri Gem
Icon Scan.jpg Scan Weapon/Boots
Icon SplitArrow.jpg Split Arrow Weapon/Gloves
Rogue Icon SneakHit.jpg Sneak Hit Top/Pants Gem Hohen Leader.png Hohen Leader Gem
Icon Feint.jpg Feint Top/Pants Gem Minos Archer.png Minos Archer Gem
Icon Capture.jpg Capture Weapon/Gloves Gem Nuodai.png Nuodai Gem
Icon Vendetta.jpg Vendetta Weapon/Boots Gem Wendigo Searcher.png Wendigo Searcher Gem
Icon Burrow.jpg Burrow Top/Boots
Icon Evasion.jpg Evasion Gloves/Boots
Icon Lachrymator.jpg Lachrymator Weapon/Gloves
Icon Backstab.jpg Backstab Subweapon/Boots Gem Velaphid.png Velaphid Gem
Schwarzereiter Icon ConcentratedFire.jpg Concentrated Fire Weapon/Boots Gem DeadbornScap Red.png Corrupted Deadborn Scap Archer Gem
Icon Caracole.jpg Caracole Subweapon/Boots Gem Socket Archer.png Socket Archer Gem
Icon Limacon.jpg Limacon Weapon/Gloves
Icon RetreatShot.jpg Retreat Shot Subweapon/Gloves
Fletcher Icon Broadhead.jpg Broadhead Weapon/Gloves Gem Rambear Archer.png Rambear Archer Gem
Icon BodkinPoint.jpg Bodkin Point Weapon/Boots Gem Colifly.png Colifly Gem
Icon BarbedArrow.jpg Barbed Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Stoulet.png Stoulet Gem
Icon CrossFire.jpg Cross Fire Weapon/Boots Gem Loftlem.png Pure Loftlem Gem
Icon MagicArrow.jpg Magic Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Lepusbunny.png Lupusbunny Gem
Icon DivineMachineArrow.jpg Divine Machine Arrow Weapon/Boots Gem Colifly.png Black Colifly Gem
Falconer Icon BuildRoost.jpg Build Roost Gloves/Boots
Icon Circling.jpg Circling Top/Pants
Icon Hovering.jpg Hovering Top/Pants
Icon Pheasant.jpg Pheasant Weapon/Gloves Gem Moyabu.png Moyabu Gem
Icon HangingShot.jpg Hanging Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Saltisdaughter.png Saltisdaughter Gem
Icon CannonShot.jpg Cannon Shot Subweapon/Boots
Icon ShootDown.jpg Shootdown Subweapon/Boots
Icon SiegeBurst.jpg SeigeBurst Weapon/Gloves
Icon CannonBlast.jpg CannonBlast Subweapon/Boots