Miners' Village

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Miners' Village
Miners' Village.jpg
Area: Klaipeda Region
Type: Field
Level: 12

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Quest List

Healer Lady's Worry (2) (Level 9)

Healer Lady's Worry (1) (Level 10)

Healer Lady's Worry (3) (Level 10)

Investigating Miners' Village (1) (Level 10)

Mine Manager Brinker's Dedication (1) (Level 10)

Mine Manager Brinker's Dedication (2) (Level 10)

Retrieve the relief supplies (Level 10)

A Soldier's Favor (Level 11)

Invasion of the Vubbes (Level 11)

Kidnapped Villagers (Level 11)

Pharmacist's Favor (1) (Level 11)

Pharmacist's Favor (2) (Level 11)

Pharmacist's Favor (2) (Level 11)

Pharmacist's Favor (2) (Level 11)

Pharmacist's Favor (2) (Level 11)

Stolen Food Supplies (Level 11)

Suspicious Treasure Chest (Level 11)

To the Mines (Level 11)

Holy Offering's Delivery [Krivis Advancement] (Level 15)

To Gele Plateau (Level 28)

Legend of the Cold Iron [Cryomancer Advancement] (2) (Level 45)

Non-existent Book [Linker Advancement] (1) (Level 45)

Non-existent Book [Linker Advancement] (2) (Level 45)

신경 쓰이는 임무[사이코키노 전직] (Level 45)

Connection [Linker Advancement] (Level 85)

Unfortunate Demon [Psychokino Advancement] (Level 85)

The remaining danger(1) (Level 100)
The remaining danger(2) (Level 100)

Activities of a Linker [Linker Advancement] (Level 135)

Activities of a Psychokino [Psychokino Advancement] (Level 135)

Complete the Mission of an Alchemist [Alchemist Advancement] (Level 185)

The past of Crystal Mine[Alchemist Advancement] (Level 235)

Complete the Mission of a Linker [Linker Advancement] (Level 9999)

Complete the Psychokino 's Mission [Psychokino Advancement] (Level 9999)

Kidnapped villagers (1) - Delete (Level 9999)

Quest Guide

This area has a very high concentration of quests, including a 10 times repeatable, and a 5 times repeatable.

-Get the blue quest(Invasion of the Vubbes) from the Mayor right away, along with his mainline Orange quest;

-Both are in the same area. While in there, talk to the treasure chest to get Suspicious Treasure Chest blue quest;

-Return to the central area, and do the main quest that requires you to defend the bridge from the Vubbes;

-After this, the next mainline is inside the mines. We're jsut gettign started here though, so don't move away;

-Talk to the guard near the Vakarine Statue, and the one further South-East. Both have repeatable quests for lv2 cards;

-The best way to do those two repeatables is to use other blue quest markets to rapidly go between them and the Vubbe areas;

-Left of this area, there's a Hunter NPC that gives a blue quest. Take it. North of him there's Mine Manager Brinker, with another blue questline. Get it as well;

-Further left you'll find Healer Lady. She has a questline as well. Use her return marker from the second quest to travel quickly between the guards and this area in order to do the repeatables;

-The central area will have a pharmacyst quest line as well, but doesn't give EXP cards. Do it if you want;


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