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Gems are socketable items. There are four colored gems, each possessing their own bonuses and maluses. These bonuses/maluses will also change depending on which type of equipment you socket them to. Also, each gem can be leveled up (or enhanced), improving both their intrinsic bonuses and maluses. Moreover, Alchemists (Wizard class) can roast your gems to reduce or remove the maluses. Lastly, if you die, you'll drop all the gems in your inventory.

Gem Level-up (Enhancement)

To further improve a gem's intrinsic bonuses (and maluses), you can level it up (or enhance it). To do so:

  • Sit, then open the Gem Enhancement Window from your action bar.
  • Select the desired gem by right clicking it, in your inventory.
  • In the Gem Enhancement Window, your gem is now selected, you'll notice several item slots on the bottom.
  • Feed your gem by adding other gems and items to these slots. This will increase its experience and level it up.
  • Once you're satisfied with your gem's level, you can socket it into your desired equipment.
  • Note: You can remove a socketed gem from an equipment. However, doing so will reduce the gem's level by 1.

Gem Roasting

Gem roasting is the act of removing a gem's intrinsic negative effects (also known as maluses). Only an Alchemist (Wizard class) is able to roast gems.

List of Gems

Red Gem
Level Main Weapon Off-hand Top/Bottom Boots Gauntlet
Max Att Min Att Phy Att Phy Def HP Evasion HP Rec Magic Def Crit Att Accuracy
Level 1 +4 -1 +5 -1 +23 -1 +2 -1 +5 -3
Level 2 +6 -2 +7 -2 +60 -3 +4 -2 +8 -4
Level 3 +9 -3 +11 -4 +113 -6 +8 -4 +11 -6
Level 4 +13 -4 +16 -5 +180 -10 +14 -5 +16 -8
Level 5 +18 -6 +22 -7 +263 -15 +22 -7 +23 -12
Level 6 +24 -8 +29 -10 +360 -21 +32 -10 +30 -15
Level 7 +31 -10 +37 -12 +473 -28 +44 -12 +39 -20
Level 8 +39 -13 +47 -16 +600 -38 +58 -16 +49 -25
Level 9 +48 -16 +58 -19 +743 -45 +74 -19 +60 -30
Level 10 +58 -19 +70 -23 +900 -55 +92 -23 +73 -37
Green Gem
Level Main Weapon Off-hand Top/Bottom Boots Gauntlet
Crit Rate Crit Att Crit Rate Max Att Crit Res SP Evasion SP Rec Accuracy Min Att
Level 1 +2 -1 +3 -1 +1 -6 +2 -8 +2 -1
Level 2 +4 -2 +5 -2 +3 -18 +4 -16 +4 -2
Level 3 +8 -5 +10 -3 +5 -30 +6 -24 +8 -4
Level 4 +14 -8 +18 -6 +9 -54 +10 -40 +14 -7
Level 5 +22 -13 +29 -10 +15 -90 +17 -68 +22 -11
Level 6 +32 -19 +42 -14 +21 -126 +24 -96 +32 -16
Level 7 +44 -26 +57 -19 +29 -174 +32 -128 +44 -22
Level 8 +58 -35 +75 -25 +27 -228 +42 -168 +58 -29
Level 9 +74 -44 +96 -32 +49 -294 +54 -216 +74 -37
Level 10 +92 -55 +120 -46 +61 -366 +68 -272 +92 -46
Blue Gem
Level Main Weapon Off-hand Top/Bottom Boots Gauntlet
Mag Att SP Block HP SP Crit Res Mag Def HP Rec SP Rec Evasion
Level 1 +5 -15 +1 -4 +30 -5 +1 -1 +2 -1
Level 2 +7 -24 +4 -16 +48 -8 +2 -3 +4 -2
Level 3 +10 -36 +10 -40 +72 -12 +3 -5 +8 -4
Level 4 +14 -51 -+19 +76 -102 +17 -4 +7 -14 -7
Level 5 +19 -69 +30 -120 +138 -23 +5 -9 +22 -11
Level 6 +25 -90 +44 -176 +180 -30 +6 -11 +32 -16
Level 7 +32 -114 +60 -240 +228 -38 +7 -13 +44 -22
Level 8 +40 -141 +79 -316 +282 -47 +8 -15 +58 -29
Level 9 +49 -171 +100 -400 +342 -57 +9 -17 +74 -37
Level 10 +59 -204 +124 -496 +408 -68 +10 -19 +92 -46
Yellow Gem
Level Main Weapon Off-hand Top/Bottom Boots Gauntlet
Crit Att Accuracy Crit Att Block P Phy Def HP HP Magic Att Block P Max Att
Level 1 +6 -3 +7 -4 +1 -17 +15 -2 +1 -1
Level 2 +9 -5 +9 -5 +2 -26 +40 -4 +4 -2
Level 3 +14 -7 +15 -8 +3 -40 +75 -8 +10 -4
Level 4 +20 -10 +21 -11 +4 -56 +120 -13 +19 -7
Level 5 +27 -14 +29 -15 +5 -76 +175 -19 +30 -10
Level 6 +36 -18 +39 -20 +6 -99 +240 -27 +44 -15
Level 7 +47 -24 +49 -25 +7 -125 +315 -35 +60 -20
Level 8 +59 -30 +63 -32 +8 -155 +400 -44 +79 -27
Level 9 +72 -36 +77 -39 +90 -188 +495 -55 +100 -34
Level 10 +87 -44 +93 -47 +10 -224 +600 -67 +124 -42


Monster gems can be slotted like regular gems with Shift-Right. To slot a monster gem into an piece of equipment, you must open a socket from the blacksmith in town to be able to insert a monster gem. Each monster gem add +1 skill level to the corresponding skill


Only one copy of a monster gem may be used at a time. For example wearing two Crystal Spider Gem will only yield +1 for Swift Step instead of +2. Removing a monster gem will destroy the gem as the gem is considered lv1

Monster Gem List

Class Skill Socket Type Gem Type
Archer Icon SwiftStep.jpg Swift Step Weapon/Gloves Gem CrystalSpider.png Crystal Spider Gem
Icon MultiShot.jpg Multi Shot Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeMiner.png Vubbe Miner Gem
Icon FullDraw.jpg Full Draw Weapon/Gloves Gem Bat.png Bat Gem
Icon ObliqueShot.jpg Oblique Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Kepa Red.png Red Kepa Gem
Icon KneelingShot.jpg Kneeling Shot Weapon/Gloves Gem Pokubu.png Blue Pokubu Gem
Icon HeavyShot.jpg Heavy Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Tiny Archer.png Tiny Archer Gem
Icon TwinArrows.jpg Twin Arrows Weapon/Gloves Gem Siaulav.png Siaulav Gem
Hunter Icon Coursing.jpg Coursing Weapon/Boots Gem Merog Stinger.png Merog Stinger Gem
Icon Snatching.jpg Snatching Weapon/Gloves Gem Wendigo Archer.png Wendigo Archer Gem
Icon Pointing.jpg Pointing Weapon/Boots Gem Lichenclops.png Lichenclops Gem
Icon RushDog.jpg Rush Dog Weapon/Gloves Gem Tucen.png Tucen Gem
Icon Retrieve.jpg Retrieve Weapon/Boots Gem Operor.png White Operor Gem
Icon Hounding.jpg Orange Dandel Weapon/Gloves Gem Dandel.png Orange Dandel Gem
Icon Growling.jpg Growling Weapon/Boots Gem Socket.png Socket Gem
Quarrel Shooter Icon DeployPavise.jpg Deploy Pavise Weapon/Boots Gem Upent.png Upent Gem
Icon ScatterCaltrop.jpg Scatter Caltrop Weapon/Boots Gem Panto Archer.png Panto Archer Gem
Icon StoneShot.jpg Stone Shot Weapon/Gloves Gem Zigri Brown.png Brown Zigri Gem
Icon RapidFire.jpg Rapid Fire Weapon/Gloves Gem Colifly.png Spoiled Coliflower Gem
Icon Teardown.jpg Teardown Gloves/Boots Gem Lepusbunny Assassin.png Lepusbunny Assassin Gem
Icon RunningShot.jpg Running Shot Weapon/Gloves Gem DeadbornScap.png Deadborn Scap Gem
Sapper Icon StakeStockades.jpg Stack Stockades Top/Pants Gem Mushcarfung.png Catacomb Mushcarfung Gem
Icon Conceal.jpg Conceal Top/Pants Gem Sakmoli Orange.png Orange Sakmoli Gem
Icon Claymore.jpg Claymore Weapon/Gloves Gem Infroholder Archer.png Infroholder Archer Gem
Icon PunjiStake.jpg Punji Stake Weapon/Boots Gem Hogma Archer.png Hogma Archer Gem
Icon DetonateTraps.jpg Deonate Traps Weapon/Gloves Gem Merog Shaman.png Merog Shaman Gem
Icon BroomTrap.jpg Broom Trap Weapon/Boots Gem Vikaras.png Vikaras Gem
Icon CollarBomb.jpg Collar Bomb Weapon/Gloves Gem Rubblem.png Rubblem Gem
Icon SpikeShooter.jpg Spike Shooter Weapon/Boots Gem InfroHolder.png Infro Holder Gem
Ranger Icon Barrage.jpg Barrage Weapon/Boots Gem Spion Archer.png Spion Archer Gem
Icon HighAnchoring.jpg High Anchoring Weapon/Gloves Gem Panto Pathfinder.png Panto Pathfinder Gem
Icon CriticalShot.jpg Critical Shot Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeArcher.png Vubbe Archer Gem
Icon SteadyAim.jpg Steady Aim Gloves/Boots Gem Colifly.png Colifly Gem
Icon TimeBombArrow.jpg Time Bomb Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Truffle.png Truffle Gem
Icon BounceShot.jpg Bounce Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Fisherman Red.png Red Fisherman Gem
Icon SpiralArrow.jpg Spiral Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Ellom.png Ellom Gem
Wugushi Icon Detoxify.jpg Detoxify Top/Pants Gem Ellomago.png Ellomago Gem
Icon NeedleBlow.jpg Needle Blow Weapon/Gloves Gem Pino White.png White Pino Gem
Icon Bewitch.jpg Bewitch Weapon/Boots Gem Cockatrice.png Cockatrice Gem
Icon WugongGu.jpg Wugong Gu Weapon/Gloves Gem VubbeArcher.png Vubbe Archer Gem
Icon Zhendu.jpg Zhendu Weapon/Boots Gem Ridimed.png Ridimed Gem
Icon ThrowGuPot.jpg Throw Gu Pot Weapon/Gloves Gem TerraImp Archer.png Terra Imp Archer Gem
Icon JincanGu.jpg Jincan Gu Weapon/Boots Gem Moyabu Yellow.png Yellow Moyabu Gem
Scout Icon FluFlu.jpg Flu Flu Weapon/Gloves Gem Yonazolem.png Yonazolem Gem
Icon FlareShot.jpg Flare Shot Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeArcher High.png High Vubbe Archer Gem
Icon Cloaking.jpg Cloaking Gloves/Boots Gem Sakmoli.png Sakmoli Gem
Icon PerspectiveDistortion.jpg Perspective Distortion Weapon/Gloves Gem Zigri Red.png Red Zigri Gem
Icon Scan.jpg Scan Weapon/Boots
Icon SplitArrow.jpg Split Arrow Weapon/Gloves
Rogue Icon SneakHit.jpg Sneak Hit Top/Pants Gem Hohen Leader.png Hohen Leader Gem
Icon Feint.jpg Feint Top/Pants Gem Minos Archer.png Minos Archer Gem
Icon Capture.jpg Capture Weapon/Gloves Gem Nuodai.png Nuodai Gem
Icon Vendetta.jpg Vendetta Weapon/Boots Gem Wendigo Searcher.png Wendigo Searcher Gem
Icon Burrow.jpg Burrow Top/Boots
Icon Evasion.jpg Evasion Gloves/Boots
Icon Lachrymator.jpg Lachrymator Weapon/Gloves
Icon Backstab.jpg Backstab Subweapon/Boots Gem Velaphid.png Velaphid Gem
Schwarzereiter Icon ConcentratedFire.jpg Concentrated Fire Weapon/Boots Gem DeadbornScap Red.png Corrupted Deadborn Scap Archer Gem
Icon Caracole.jpg Caracole Subweapon/Boots Gem Socket Archer.png Socket Archer Gem
Icon Limacon.jpg Limacon Weapon/Gloves
Icon RetreatShot.jpg Retreat Shot Subweapon/Gloves
Fletcher Icon Broadhead.jpg Broadhead Weapon/Gloves Gem Rambear Archer.png Rambear Archer Gem
Icon BodkinPoint.jpg Bodkin Point Weapon/Boots Gem Colifly.png Colifly Gem
Icon BarbedArrow.jpg Barbed Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Stoulet.png Stoulet Gem
Icon CrossFire.jpg Cross Fire Weapon/Boots Gem Loftlem.png Pure Loftlem Gem
Icon MagicArrow.jpg Magic Arrow Weapon/Gloves Gem Lepusbunny.png Lupusbunny Gem
Icon DivineMachineArrow.jpg Divine Machine Arrow Weapon/Boots Gem Colifly.png Black Colifly Gem
Falconer Icon BuildRoost.jpg Build Roost Gloves/Boots
Icon Circling.jpg Circling Top/Pants
Icon Hovering.jpg Hovering Top/Pants
Icon Pheasant.jpg Pheasant Weapon/Gloves Gem Moyabu.png Moyabu Gem
Icon HangingShot.jpg Hanging Shot Weapon/Boots Gem Saltisdaughter.png Saltisdaughter Gem
Cannoneer Icon CannonShot.jpg Cannon Shot Subweapon/Boots
Icon ShootDown.jpg Shootdown Subweapon/Boots
Icon SiegeBurst.jpg SeigeBurst Weapon/Gloves
Icon CannonBlast.jpg CannonBlast Subweapon/Boots
Class Skill Socket Type Gem Type
Cleric Icon Heal.jpg Heal Weapon/Gloves Gem Hanaming.png Hanaming Gem
Icon Cure.jpg Cure Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeThief.png Vubbe Thief Gem
Icon SafetyZone.jpg Safety Zone Top/Pants Gem Chupacabra.png Chupacabra Gem
Icon DeprotectedZone.jpg Deprotected Zone Weapon/Boots Gem Infrorocktor.png Infrorocktor Gem
Icon DivineMight.jpg Divine Might Weapon/Gloves Gem Corylus.png Corylus Gem
Icon Fade.jpg Fade Top/Pants Gem Beeteros.png Beeteros Gem
Icon GuardianSaint.jpg Guardian Saint Top/Pants Gem Infroholder Shaman.png Infroholder Shaman Gem
Priest Icon Aspersion.jpg Aspersion Top/Pants Gem Rodelin.png Rodelin Gem
Icon Monstrance.jpg Monstrance Top/Pants Gem Leafly.png Leafly Gem
Icon Blessing.jpg Blessing Weapon/Gloves Gem Doyor.png Doyor Gem
Icon Sacrament.jpg Sacrament Weapon/Boots Gem Fragaras Blue.png Blue Fragaras Gem
Icon Revive.jpg Revive Weapon/Gloves Gem Cronewt Archer.png Cronewt Poison Needler Gem
Icon MassHeal.jpg MassHeal Weapon/Boots Gem Shredded.png Earth Shredded Gem
Icon Exorcise.jpg Exorcise Weapon/Gloves Gem Hallowventor.png Earth Hallowventor Gem
Icon StoneSkin.jpg Stone Skin Top/Pants Gem Hogma Shaman.png Hogma Shaman Gem
Krivis Icon Aukuras.jpg Aukuras Weapon/Boots Gem Zignuts.png Zignuts Gem
Icon Zalciai.jpg Zalciai Weapon/Gloves Gem Grummer.png Grummer Gem
Icon Daino.jpg Daino Weapon/Boots Gem Tipio.png Tipio Gem
Icon Zaibas.jpg Zaibas Weapon/Boots Gem LargePanto Spearman.png Large Panto Spearman Gem
Icon DivineStigma.jpg Divine Stigma Top/Pants Gem Mentiwood.png Mentiwood Gem
Icon Melstis.jpg Melstis Top/Pants Gem Spectra Earth.png Earth Spectra Gem
Bokor Icon Hexing.jpg Hexing Gloves/Boots Gem Luxodon Red.png Red Luxodon Gem
Icon Effigy.jpg Effigy Weapon/Gloves Gem Operor.png Operor Gem
Icon Zombify.jpg Zombify Weapon/Boots Gem Pawnd.png Pawnd Gem
Icon Mackangdal.jpg Mackangdal Weapon/Gloves Gem Geppetto White.png White Geppetto Gem
Icon BwaKayiman.jpg Bwa Kayiman Weapon/Boots Gem Hamming Orange.png Orange Hamming Gem
Icon Samdiveve.jpg Samdiveve Subweapon/Boots Gem Tombsinker.png Tombsinker Gem
Icon Ogouveve.jpg Ogouveve Subweapon/Gloves Gem Hohen Mage.png Hohen_Mage Gem
Icon Damballa.jpg Damballa Weapon/Gloves Gem Siaulamb Shaman.png Siaulamb Shaman Gem
Druid Icon Chortasmata.jpg Chortasmata Weapon/Boots Gem Glyquare.png Glyquare Gem
Icon Carnivory.jpg Carnivory Weapon/Gloves Gem Hallowventor Magician.png Hallowventor Magician Gem
Icon StereaTrofh.jpg Sterea Trofh Weapon/Boots
Icon Transform.jpg Transform Top/Pants Gem Jukopus Grey.png Grey Jukopus Gem
Icon ShapeShifting.jpg Shape Shifting Top/Pants
Icon Telepath.jpg Telepath Weapon/Boots Gem Socket Mage.png Socket Mage Gem
Sadhu Icon OutOfBody.jpg Out of Body Top/Pants Gem Flash Magician.png Flash Magician Gem
Icon AstralBodyExplosion.jpg Astral Body Explosions Weapon/Gloves Gem Shtayim.png Shtayim Gem
Icon VashitaSiddhi.jpg Vashita Siddhi Weapon/Boots Gem Cronewt Wizard.png Cronewt Gem
Icon Possession.jpg Possession Weapon/Gloves Gem Infroblood.png Infroblood Gem
Dievdirby Icon CarveVakarine.jpg Statue of Goddess Vakarine Top/Pants Gem Chupaluka.png Pink ChupalukaGem
Icon CarveZemyna.jpg Statue of Goddess Zemnya Top/Pants Gem Sauga.png Sauga Gem
Icon CarveLaima.jpg Statue of Goddess Laima Top/Pants Gem Maggot.png Catacomb Maggot Gem
Icon Carve.jpg Carve Weapon/Gloves Gem Tontus.png Tontus Gem
Icon CarveOwl.jpg Carve Owl Weapon/Boots Gem Caras Wizard.png Caras Wizard Gem
Icon WorldTree.jpg Carve World Tree Weapon/Gloves Gem Echad Wizard.png Echad Wizard Gem
Icon CarveAusrine.jpg Statue of Goddess Ausrine Weapon/Boots Gem NightMaiden.png Night Maiden Gem
Oracle Icon ArcaneEnergy.jpg Arcane Energy Weapon/Glove Gem Hallowventor Shawn.png Hallowventor Shawn Gem
Icon Change.jpg Change Weapon/Boots
Icon CounterSpell.jpg Counter Spell Top/Pants Gem Pyran.png Corrupt Pyran Gem
Icon Forecast.jpg Forecast Gloves/Boots
Icon Prophecy.jpg Prophecy Top/Pants
Monk Icon IronSkin.jpg Iron Skin Top/Pants Gem Griba Green.png Green Griba Gem
Icon DoublePunch.jpg Double Punch Weapon/Gloves Gem Velwriggler.png Blue Velwriggler Gem
Icon PalmStrike.jpg Palm Strik Weapon/Boots Gem Siaulamb Warrior.png Siaulamb Warrior Gem
Icon HandKnife.jpg Hand Knife Weapon/Gloves Gem Gribaru.png Orange Gribaru Gem
Icon EnergyBlast.jpg Energy Blast Weapon/Boots Gem Goblin Warrior.png Goblin Warrior Gem
Icon OneInchPunch.jpg One Inch Punch Weapon/Gloves
Icon GodFingerFlicking.jpg God Finger Flicking Weapon/Boots
Icon GoldenBellShield.jpg Golden Bell Shield Top/Pants Gem UmbrellaMoss Black.png Black Umbrella Moss Gem
Icon Simony.jpg Simony Gloves/Boots Gem Levi.png Levi Gem
Icon Indulgentia.jpg Indulgentia Top/Pants Gem Elma.png Elma Gem
Icon DiscernEvil.jpg Discern Evil Weapon/Gloves Gem Honeybean.png Honeybean Gem
Icon IncreaseMagicDEF.jpg Increase Magic Defense Top/Pants Gem Wendigo Shaman.png Wendigo Shaman Gem
Icon Oblation.jpg Oblation Gloves/Boots
Paladin Icon Smite.jpg Smite Gloves/Boots Gem Tontulia.png Tontulia Gem
Icon Restoration.jpg Restoration Top/Pants Gem Zignuts.png Ashrong Gem
Icon ResistElements.jpg Resist Elements Top/Pants Gem Lizardman.png Lizardman Gem
Icon TurnUndead.jpg Turn Undead Weapon/Boots Gem ShamanDoll.png Shaman Doll Gem
Icon Conversion.jpg Conversion Weapon/Gloves Gem LongBranchedTree.png Confined Long Branched Tree Gem
Icon Barrier.jpg Barrier Top/Pants
Icon Conviction.jpg Conviction Weapon/Boots
Class Skill Socket Type Gem Type
Swordsman Icon Thrust.jpg Thrust Weapon/Gloves Gem Chinency.png Chinency Gem
Icon Bash.jpg Bash Weapon/Gloves Gem Weaver.png Weaver Gem
Icon Gungho.jpg Gungho Top/Pants Gem Yekubite.png Yekubite Gem
Icon Concentrate.jpg Concentrate Top/Pants Gem Jukopus.png Jukopus Gem
Icon PainBarrier.jpg Pain Barrier Top/Pants Gem StoneOrca.png Stone Orca Gem
Icon Restrain.jpg Restrain Gloves/Boots Gem Seedmia.png Seedmia Gem
Icon PommelBeat.jpg Pommel Beat Weapon/Boots Gem Panto.png Panto Gem
Icon DoubleSlash.jpg Double Slash Weapon/Gloves Gem Ultanun.png Ultanun Gem
Highlander Icon WagonWheel.jpg Wagon Wheel Weapon/Gloves Gem Puragi.png Puragi Gem
Icon CartarStroke.jpg Cartar Stroke Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeFighter.png Vubbe Fighter Gem
Icon Crown.jpg Crown Weapon/Gloves Gem Mallardu.png Mallardu Gem
Icon CrossGuard.jpg Cross Guard Weapon/Boots Gem Rodelin.png Brown Rodelin Gem
Icon Moulinet.jpg Moulinet Weapon/Gloves Gem Glizardon.png Glizardon Gem
Icon SkyLiner.jpg Sky Liner Weapon/Boots Gem Lauzinutena.png Lauzinutena Gem
Icon CrossCut.jpg Cross Cut Weapon/Gloves Gem Loftlem.png Loftlem Gem
Icon SkullSwing.jpg Skull Swing Weapon/Boots Gem DeadbornScap.png Deadborn Scap Gem
Icon VerticalSlash.jpg Vertical Slash Weapon/Gloves Gem Boowook.png Boowook Gem
Peltasta Icon UmboBlow.jpg UmboBlow Subweapon/Gloves Gem Egnome.png Egnome Gem
Icon RimBlow.jpg Rim Blow Subweapon/Boots Gem Yognome.png Yognome Gem
Icon SwashBuckling.jpg Swash Buckling Subweapon/Gloves Gem Pawndel.png Pawndel Gem
Icon Guardian.jpg Guardian Top/Pants Gem Beetow.png Beetow Gem
Icon ShieldLob.jpg Shield Lob Subweapon/Gloves Gem WoodGoblin Earth.png Earth Wood Goblin Gem
Icon HighGuard.jpg High Guard Subweapon/Boots Gem Ammon.png Ammon Gem
Icon Butterfly.jpg Butterfly Weapon/Boots Gem Vikaras Mage.png Vikaras Mage Gem
Icon UmboThrust.jpg Umbo Thrust Subweapon/Gloves Gem Infroburk.png Infroburk Gem
Hoplite Icon Stabbing.jpg Stabbing Weapon/Gloves Gem Mushcarfung.png Mushcarfung Gem
Icon Pierce.jpg Pierce Weapon/Boots Gem Groll.png Groll Gem
Icon Finestra.jpg Finestra Weapon/Gloves Gem Chafperor.png Chafperor Gem
Icon SynchroThrusting.jpg Synchro Thrusting Weapon/Boots Gem Thornball.png Thornball Gem
Icon LongStride.jpg Long Stride Weapon/Gloves Gem Bite.png Bite Gem
Icon SpearLunge.jpg Spear Lunge Weapon/Boots Gem Burialer.png Cementery Golem Gem
Icon ThrowingSpear.jpg Throwing Spear Weapon/Gloves Gem Drake Black.png Black Drake Gem
Barbarian Icon Embowel.jpg Embowel Gloves/Boots Gem CandleSpider.png Catacomb Candle Spider Gem
Icon StompingKick.jpg Stomping Kick Gloves/Boots Gem Pino.png Pino Gem
Icon Cleave.jpg Cleave Weapon/Gloves Gem Ticen.png Ticen Gem
Icon HelmChopper.jpg Helm Chopper Weapon/Boots Gem Ridimed Black.png Black Ridimed Gem
Icon Warcry.jpg Warcry Top/Pants Gem Mauros.png Mauros Gem
Icon Frenzy.jpg Frenzy Top/Pants Gem WingedFrog.png Winged Frog Gem
Icon Seism.jpg Seism Weapon/Gloves Gem StumpyTree Magician.png Stump Tree Gem
Icon GiantSwing.jpg Giant Swing Weapon/Boots Gem Cronewt Wizard.png Cronewt Gem
Icon Pouncing.jpg Pouncing Weapon/Gloves Gem PrisonFighter.png Prison Fighter Gem
Cataphract Icon Impaler.jpg Impaler Weapon/Boots Gem Vubbe Chaser.png Mine Predator Gem
Icon EarthWave.jpg Earth Wave Weapon/Gloves Gem Vubbe Warrior.png Vubbe Warrior Gem
Icon Trot.jpg Trot Gloves/Boots Gem Cockat.png Cockrat Gem
Icon SteedCharge.jpg Steed Charge Weapon/Gloves Gem Bushspider.png Bushspider Gem
Icon DoomSpike.jpg Doom Spike Weapon/Boots Gem Yognome.png Yellow Yognome Gem
Icon Rush.jpg Rush Weapon/Gloves Gem Siaulamb Big.png Big Siaulamb Gem
Corsair Icon JollyRoger.jpg Jolly Roger Gloves/Boots Gem Infroblood.png Red Infrocktor Gem
Icon IronHook.jpg Iron Hook Gloves/Boots Gem Moyabu Yellow.png Yellow Moyabu Gem
Icon KeelHauling.jpg Keel Hauling Gloves/Boots Gem Hook.png Rusty Old Hook Gem
Icon DustDevil.jpg Dust Devil Weapon/Gloves Gem Stoulet Blue.png Blue Stoulet Gem
Icon DoubleWeaponAssault.jpg Double Weapon Assault Subweapon/Gloves
Icon HexenDropper.jpg Hexen Dropper Subweapon/Boots Gem Spion.png Spion Gem
Doppelsoeldner Icon Punish.jpg Punish Weapon/Gloves
Icon DeedsOfValor.jpg Deeds Of Valor Top/Pants
Icon Mordschlag.jpg Mordschlag Weapon/Gloves Gem Lemur.png Lemur Gem
Icon DoublePayEarn.jpg Double Pay Earn Weapon/Boots Gem CandleSpider Yellow.png Yellow Candle Spider Gem
Icon Cyclone.jpg Cyclone Weapon/Gloves Gem Rubabos.png Rubabos Gem
Rodelero Icon ShieldCharge.jpg Shield Charge Subweapon/Gloves Gem TreeAmbulo.png Tree Ambulo Gem
Icon Montano.jpg Montano Weapon/Boots Gem Vubbe High.png High Vubbe Gem
Icon TargeSmash.jpg Targe Smash Subweapon/Boots Gem OldKepa Shell.png Old Kepa Shell Gem
Icon ShieldPush.jpg Shield Push Subweapon/Gloves Gem Drake.png Drake Gem
Icon ShieldShoving.jpg Shield Shoving Subweapon/Boots Gem Bat.png Giant Bat Gem
Icon ShieldBash.jpg Shield Bash Subweapon/Gloves Gem Raffly Blue.png Blue Raffly Gem
Icon Slithering.jpg Slithering Top/Pants Gem Nuka.png Nuka Gem
Icon ShootingStar.jpg Shooting Star Weapon/Boots Gem Goblin Charger.png Goblin Charger Gem
Icon HighKick.jpg HighKick Gloves/Boots
Squire Icon Arrest.jpg Arrest Gloves/Boots Gem Honeymeli.png Honeymeli Gem
Fencer Icon Lunge.jpg Lunge Weapon/Gloves Gem Denden.png Denden Gem
Icon SeptEtoiles.jpg Sept Etoiles Weapon/Boots Gem Lemuria.png Lemuria Gem
Icon AttaqueCoquille.jpg Attaque Coquille Weapon/Gloves Gem CorruptBelfigi.png Corrupt Belfigi Gem
Icon EsquiveToucher.jpg Esquive Toucher Weapon/Boots
Icon Flanconnade.jpg Flanconnade Weapon/Gloves
Icon AttaqueComposee.jpg Attaque Composee Weapon/Boots
Class Skill Socket Type Gem Type
Wizard Icon EnergyBolt.jpg Energy Bolt Weapon/Gloves Gem LeafBug.png Leaf Bug Gem
Icon Lethargy.jpg Lethargy Weapon/Boots Gem Kepa.png Kepa Gem
Icon Sleep.jpg Sleep Weapon/Gloves Gem Shredded.png Shredded Gem
Icon ReflectShield.jpg Reflect Shield Top/Pants Gem Popolion.png Popolion Gem
Icon Earthquake.jpg Earthquake Weapon/Boots Gem Raflower.png Raflower Gem
Icon Surespell.jpg Surespell Top/Pants Gem Banshee.png Banshee Gem
Icon MagicMissile.jpg Magic Missile Weapon/Gloves Gem Templeslave Mage.png Templeslave Mage Gem
Pyromancer Icon FireBall.jpg Fire Ball Weapon/Boots Gem DeadbornScap.png Deadborn Scap Gem
Icon FireWall.jpg Fire Wall Weapon/Gloves Gem Desmodus.png Desmodus Gem
Icon EnchantFire.jpg Enchant Fire Weapon/Boots Gem Maize Black.png Black Maize Gem
Icon Flare.jpg Flare Weapon/Gloves Gem Tiny Magician.png Tiny Magician Gem
Icon FlameGround.jpg Flame Ground Weapon/Boots Gem Galok.png Galok Gem
Icon FirePillar.jpg Fire Pillar Weapon/Gloves Gem Chupacabra Desert.png Desert Chupacabra Gem
Icon HellBreath.jpg Hell Breath Weapon/Boots Gem Colimen.png Colimen Magician Gem
Cyromancer Icon IceBolt.jpg Ice Bolt Weapon/Gloves Gem Caro.png Caro Gem
Icon IcePike.jpg Ice Pike Weapon/Boots Gem Carcashu.png Carcashu Gem
Icon IceWall.jpg Ice Wall Weapon/Glove Gem Hummingbird.png Hummingbird Gem
Icon IceBlast.jpg Ice Blast Weapon/Boots Gem Tanu.png Tanu Gem
Icon Gust.jpg Gust Weapon/Gloves Gem Wendigo.png Wendigo Gem
Icon SnowRolling.jpg Snow Rolling Gloves/Boots Gem Minos Mage.png Minos Mage Gem
Icon FrostPillar.jpg Frost Pillar Weapon/Gloves Gem VubbeWizard Ice.png Gem
Psychokino Icon PsychicPressure.jpg Psychic Pressure Weapon/Boots Gem Apparition Green.png Green Apparition Gem
Icon Telekinesis.jpg Telekinesis Weapon/Gloves Gem Wendigo Magician.png Wendigo Magician Gem
Icon Swap.jpg Swap Gloves/Boots Gem Colitile.png Colitile Gem
Icon Teleportation.jpg Teleportation Gloves/Boots Gem LeafBug.png Catacomb Leaf Bug Gem
Icon MagneticForce.jpg Magnetic Force Weapon/Gloves Gem Hallowventor.png Hallowventor Gem
Icon Raise.jpg Raise Weapon/Boots Gem Elet.png Elet Gem
Icon GravityPole.jpg Gravity Pole Weapon/Pants Gem Tama.png Orange Tama Gem
Sorcerer Icon Summoning.jpg Summoning Weapon/Boots Gem Siaulav Mage.png Siaulav Mage Gem
Icon SummonFamiliar.jpg Summon Familiar Weapon/Gloves Gem TerraImp Archer.png Terra Imp Gem
Icon SummonSalamion.jpg Summon Salamion Weapon/Boots Gem GuardianSpider.png Guardian Spider Gem
Linker Icon PhysicalLink.jpg Coliflower Weapon/Gloves Gem Raflower.png Coliflower Gem
Icon JointPenalty.jpg Joint Penalty Weapon/Boots Gem Dandel.png Dandel Gem
Icon HangmansKnot.jpg Hangman's Knot Weapon/Gloves Gem Velwriggler.png Velwriggler Gem
Icon SpiritualChain.jpg Spiritual Chain Weapon/Boots Gem Zinutekas.png Zinutekas Gem
Icon Lifeline.jpg Lifeline Weapon/Gloves Gem Cyst.png Cyst Gem
Chronomancer Icon Quicken.jpg Quicken Weapon/Boots Gem Siaulamb.png Siaulamb Lagoon Gem
Icon Reincarnate.jpg Reincarnate Weapon/Gloves Gem Hohen Mane.png Hohen Mane Gem
Icon Stop.jpg Stop Weapon/Boots Gem Ultanun.png Melatinun Gem
Icon Slow.jpg Slow Gloves/Boots Gem Burialer.png Burialer Gem
Icon Haste.jpg Haste Gloves/Boots Gem Goblin Magician.png Goblin Magician Gem
Icon BackMasking.jpg Back Masking Weapon/Gloves Gem Chupaluka.png Chupaluka Gem
Necromancer Icon GatherCorpse.jpg Gather Corpse Weapons/Boots
Icon FleshCannon.jpg Flesh Cannon Weapon/Gloves Gem Kepa Raider.png Kepa Raider Magician Gem
Icon FleshHoop.jpg Flesh Hoop Weapon/Boots
Icon DirtyPole.jpg Dirty Pole Weapon/Gloves
Icon CorpseTower.jpg Corpse Tower Weapon/Boots Gem Rambear Magician.png Rambear Magician Gem
Thaumaturge Icon SwellLeftArm.jpg Swell Left Arm Gloves/Boots Gem Varv.png Varv Gem
Icon ShrinkBody.jpg Shrink Body Weapons/Gloves Gem Kepari.png Kepari Shaman Gem
Icon SwellBody.jpg Swell Body Weapon/Boots Gem TerraImp.png Terra Imp Gem
Icon Transpose.jpg Transpose Top/Pants Gem Meduja.png Meduja Gem
Icon SwellRightArm.jpg Swell Right Arm Gloves/Boots Gem Ducky.png Gem
Icon SwellBrain.jpg Swell Brain Top/Pants
Elementalist Icon Electrocute.jpg Electrocute Weapon/Gloves Gem StumpyTree Magician.png Stumpy Tree Magician Gem
Icon StoneCurse.jpg Stone Curse Weapon/Boots Gem Fisherman.png Fisherman Gem
Icon Hail.jpg Hail Weapon/Gloves Gem Stoulet Mage.png Stoulet Mage Gem
Icon Prominence.jpg Prominence Weapon/Boots Gem VubbeWizard Fire.png Miner Flame Wizard Gem
Icon Meteor.jpg Meteor Weapon/Gloves Gem Pawnd Black.png Black Pawnd Gem
Icon FreezingSphere.jpg Freezing Sphere Weapon/Boots Gem InfroHoglan Red.png Red Infro HoglanGem
Icon Rain.jpg Rain Weapon/Gloves Gem Saltisdaughter.png Saltisdaughter Gem
Icon FrostCloud.jpg Frost Cloud Weapon/Boots Gem Ticen Magician.png Ticen Magician Gem